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Struggling With Spider Veins? Here Are The Treatment Options 

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Many people will struggle with skin concerns at some point in their life. Having some problems with your skin is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone is different! However, we understand that many people wish to correct their skin conditions and concerns, due to insecurity and low self esteem problems. A common skin concern that many people seek cosmetic treatment for are spider veins. 

Spider veins are highly visible veins that appear on various parts of the body. The most common place they show up are on the legs, although they can show up elsewhere such as the face too. These veins are small and blue/red/purple in colour, they are often a source of insecurity amongst those who have them. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing the treatment options for spider veins as well as how you could possibly prevent them. Laser treatments from clinics such as The Laser Treatment Clinic are one of the best treatments for spider veins, we will be discussing these more in detail later.

How can you prevent spider veins? 

Unfortunately in some cases, there aren’t too many ways you can prevent spider veins from forming. This is because some of the reasons why people develop these veins are due to changes in hormones and natural ageing. But, there are few things you can try to help.

As one of the main causes of spider veins is sitting or standing for too long, you can combat this. Moving your body every day and ensuring you’re getting enough circulation can help stop these veins from forming. If you find yourself sitting still for a long period of time, try standing up and walking for a few minutes to get your blood flowing. 

Another cause of spider veins is due to sunlight exposure. As summer is right around the corner, make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin, and also help prevent the development of spider veins. (1)

The treatment options  

There are a few effective treatments available from skin care clinics. These clinics have trained professionals that can help eliminate your spider veins in as little as a few weeks depending on your skin. 

If your veins are smaller, then it won’t take too long for these to disappear from your skin. However, if your veins are darker and more prominent, they may appear much darker after treatment but will eventually disappear as well, it would just take a longer time.

Laser therapies 

The main treatment option for spider veins is laser treatment. Laser treatment works by heating up the blood vessels in the target area, and destroying them. This collapse in blood vessels results in the veins disappearing from the skin. You may see results between 2-6 weeks depending on the severity.

There are two main laser treatments available. They are called vascular laser treatment and IPL (intense pulsed light) skin rejuvenation. Both of these non-invasive treatments involve heating up the skin and collapsing the blood vessels

Before you get this cosmetic treatment to treat your spider veins, make sure you do your research and book a consultation with a skincare specialist. (2)