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People Who Wear CRAZY SOCKS Are Rebellious, Successful, And Smart


Do you like to wear crazy colorful socks that have flying pigs, or gigantic eyes, or are in an outrageous neon green color? If you do, a study says that you are funny, successful, independent, and smart!

Men and women who wear ‘crazy’ socks are showing the world that they comfortable in their own skin and that they don’t conform to socially accepted trends. They proudly display their uniqueness and playfulness. They are revolutionaries when it comes to fashion, and rebels against decorum and uniforms.

Moreover, wearing colorful socks at work makes you look more vibrant, creative, upbeat, and all in all fascinating and interesting to be around with!

“Colorful or character socks show playfulness and make a great icebreaker or way to connect with others,” the research says. “Another possible advantage of wearing fanciful socks and other unexpected attire: You build a brand as the gutsy guy or a creative type, and other times it may give you more room to bend or break the rules.”

Also, a study that was published in the Journal of Consumer Research discovered that people consider nonconforming people to be of higher status and to be more competent than conforming individuals.

In other words, our clothing choices may reveal a lot about us because they not only dictate our self-perception but also the way other people see us.

Wearing certain clothes can really change the way we act and think and give us more confidence to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. So, wearing ‘crazy’ socks can really make you more courageous and more willing to take risks.

This new-found rebellious side of you can inspire you to be more creative and thus more successful in every area of your life.

So, go on and buy yourself some really crazy socks! ????