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Studying Theology: 4 Things to Know About the Journey


The field of theology is a unique one that allows you to look at the world around you through a religious lens, and understand how religion has impacted the way we live today. The study of faith is strongly linked to philosophy and will allow you to look at different belief systems, where and how they overlap and where they differ. If you have a keen interest in religion or philosophy or are interested in going into a religious career path, it might be the right move for you to take a look at a School of Theology to take the first step on this journey.

Here are a few things you’ll want to know before you get started.

What Will I Study?

As a Theology student, you can expect to learn vastly about various subjects and topics within your field. Depending on where you decide to study, your course might include a deeper insight into Christianity, Islam and some other religions as well as the laws, morals and ethics which accompany these religions, and the nature of God.

You’ll learn about the history and evolution of each religion, and will likely take a look at the language and translations of holy books and how these have been used over time.

What Can I Do With It?

After completing the qualification, most Theology students go into religious work and have the opportunity to become ministers, priests, missionaries, clergy members or even religious professors in the academic field.

However, there are loads of other opportunities that don’t necessarily involve working in the Church. You might decide to work as a teacher, writer or journalist, historian, religious counsellor or even in a non-profit organisation. Any of these options could be a fulfilling career path for someone who takes an interest in life and its big questions.

What Do I Need to Get In?

Each school and course will differ in terms of admission requirements. A general rule of thumb is that you’ll need a good overall passing grade in your high school subjects since Theology draws from a wide range of subjects in combination.

More importantly, you’ll need a passion and drive to enter this field of study and work. An interest in religion and religious texts and a willingness to debate and discuss hard-hitting topics is a must for a course like this. You might find it beneficial to be familiar with the Bible and other religious texts, but if you’re not, don’t be alarmed as they are something that will be studied in-depth during the course.

What Will the Experience Be Like?

Unlike some other subjects and fields, Theology doesn’t really allow for quick, on-the-fly learning and cramming – it requires a deep level of immersion and understanding with the content in order to succeed. You can expect to interact with a lot of different texts and people, and do a lot of in-depth reading and writing along the way. This kind of study will be fulfilling and can awaken you to a wealth of wisdom you never imagined.