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Take your fly fishing skills to the next level with these


One of the best things about fly fishing is that you can become an outstanding fly fisherman by incorporating new skills. There are always some new skills to add to your existing skills collection and become a great angler.

We sat down with the team at Fly Fisher Pro to come up with their top 5 tips to help you level up your fly fishing game.

Fly Fishing Techniques to Consider for Your Next Fishing Trip

When it comes to the best fly fishing methods to use, it’s worth noting there are countless tips on the internet. If you have come here to find fishing equipment then you are best to check out Russ Egan at All Fishing Gear they stock all the best gear on the market From new methods to new gear, inventive techniques replacing outdated ones may be quite tricky on what works. Regardless, here are the skills that can boost your catch.

#1 Watch the Fish Behavior

The most important thing is to assess the fish behaviour. Merely put, when you come across a feeding trout, please avoid casting instantly without evaluating the item to use as bait. Assess the behaviour of fish to identify what it may be feeding on and pay close attention to whether it is taking dry flies or wet flies so that you can choose the ideal fly on the water.

Usually, following this tip can make or break your catch. It’s recommended to recognise the various hatch seasons so you can effortlessly lure the trout with the food they’re currently feeding on. You also need to pay attention to the fish rise. Flies, such as caddisflies, which scamper around the water surface, initiates splashy and loud rises.

#2 Fish Upstream in Small Waters

If you plan to fly fish in small waters, you’ll be much more successful if you try to fish upstream. Remember that small streams don’t often give you the surface you enjoy in large bodies, whereby you can fish across, down or any other way without startling the fish.

Fishing upstream gives you the ability to approach trout from the rear. In this case, fish will have few chances of noticing your presence. You can improvise on this skill by taking exceptional levels of crawl and stealth on your knees and hands. Also, you can minimise your presence by avoiding jerky movements, crouch down and ensure your shadow is away from the fish direction as you approach their hideout.

#3 Use Big Flies in High Water


Murky and high waters aren’t the ideal time to try to match the hatch. In dark waters, fish are opportunists as they often snatch up fast-moving items. The fish have high chances of noticing a large item moving across the water.

The best thing about large flies is that they have a habit of moving a lot in the water, which creates attention that brings the fish towards your fly. In dark waters, using flashy and white-coloured flies works wonders.

#4 Wade and Walk-in Different Areas

While most fly fishers cast long lines and fish farther, thanks to the availability of innovative fishing gear, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the perfect fishing technique. Except if the circumstance demands you use it, reaching a long distance isn’t the perfect way to catch trout. In general, you will increase the drag, reduce the accuracy, and in the end, miss plenty of fish.

You have perhaps come across the phrase, ‘being a good fisherman and a strong caster aren’t similar.’ As a substitute, please walk around the water a little. Additionally, read the stream and evaluate the currents to find the best fishable areas. Short casts translate to much more accurate casts.

#5 Consider Making Limited False Casts

Making excessive false casts may make your fishing time ineffective. Out there, most anglers make ten plus false casts in between several presentations. Keep in mind that trout cannot catch the flies when they are in the air. In most cases, you only need one false cast to put the flies back into the feeding lane. The good thing about limiting false casts is that it may boost your catch success rate since your flies will be on twice as much.

Final Words

These are just the best five fly fishing tips, and there may be others out there to help you become one of the best fly fishers ever. Fly fishing is a continuous passion that lasts forever. Every day and year, there is a new skill to learn, and that’s perhaps why this fishing activity is so unique.

If you think other tips might help other readers, please leave them in the comments and remember to share the post with friends and families. Hope you all enjoyed the tips!