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This Native Indian Story Will Change The Way You Think – 20 Second Read!


In life, there is a constant battle in all of us; we are constantly struggling to control our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes our good thoughts win the battle, sometimes not. This is a story about this battle.

An old wise Indian is teaching his grandson a life lesson. “There is a fight going on inside all of us,” he said to his grandson.

“This is a horrible fight between two wolves. One of them is evil – he is rage, jealousy, misery, sadness, greed, regret, pride, guilt, self-pity, bitterness, inferiority, lies, arrogance, selfishness, and ego.

The other is virtuous and benevolent – he is happiness, calmness, love, hope, serenity, modesty, affection, big-heartedness, sympathy, generosity, sincerity, pity, and faith. They fight all the time.”

This words captured the boy’s attention, so he couldn’t help but ask his grandfather the ultimate question, “Which wolf would win?”

The old Indian answered, “The one you feed.”

Don’t let your negativity get to you. Stop feeding the negative thoughts because they are your worst enemy. Try to focus only on the positive things and life will reward you for this.