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Teaching Your Children About Their Glasses


Has your child recently got their first pair of glasses? Chances are, they’re less than thrilled and have no idea how to take care of their new specs. Luckily, there are many ways you can help your kids to come to love their glasses, or at least accept their existence. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to teaching your children about glasses, then this blog has lots of advice you can put to good use.

Proper glasses care

The first thing all children should learn is how to care for their glasses. After all, buying prescription Ray Ban glasses is a significant investment for many families, so the last thing you want is your little ones breaking them by mistake. Teach your child how to store their glasses safely in their case, clean the lenses without scratching them and how to put them on and take them off. Make sure your little one knows not to put their glasses on their head or hang them on their T-shirt where they could easily fall off during playtime. Help your child to practice the motions needed to take their glasses off and put them away. They’ll be an expert in no time!

Emotional reassurance

Getting glasses can be an emotional experience for children, especially if they see glasses as being somehow uncool. It’s your job as a parent to reassure your little one that glasses are simply to help them see better and it won’t change who they are. If you have glasses yourself, make a point of showing your child how you will now look the same. Kids love being more like their parents, so it’s a good way to help them adjust.


If emotional reassurance isn’t doing the trick, teach your children exactly how their glasses correct their vision in a language they can understand. Explain how some people are long or short-sighted and what this means. Talk to them about what the numbers of their prescription mean and how the lenses make things bigger and clearer. Most children are naturally curious and love to learn how the world works. This knowledge will help them explain their new glasses to their friends and classmates too, who might also be impressed.

Frames, styles, and colors

A big part of wearing glasses is the way they look, so help your child to make a decision on the glasses they want themselves. Explain what colors are available, how different shapes will look on their face, and whether they need nose pads or not. You could even talk them through the materials of different frames and help them to decide if they want something lighter or more durable. When it comes to colors, it can be best to give your little one free rein. While you might not like the bright purple shade they choose, it will make them feel much more confident and happier in the long run.

Teaching children about glasses is a learning curve, but with a bit of time and effort, it can be done.