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How To Tell If Your Child Is An Old Soul


Old souls come with the knowledge and wisdom from many lifetimes. Their current reincarnation is just one of the many they have gone through and this gives them a more advanced starting point.

Because of this, old souls are very different from the rest, and this can be noticed from early childhood. In fact, the clearest signs that one might be an old soul can be most accurately spotted in the person’s childhood, as the magnitude of the wisdom that radiates from these people doesn’t allow them to act like most children do.

These children possess an innate sense of morality and wisdom that some adults can’t achieve in their entire lifetime, and they have the ability to see past the mundane short-term activities that most children enjoy.

If your child is an old soul, you will simply notice how they see the world from a different viewpoint and delve into philosophies and activities that alter the whole definition of a child.

These children feel most comfortable when they are around adults, especially elderly members of the family with whom they can discuss some bigger life questions and moral and ethical issues.

Old souls have a hard time finding peers of their age who they can relate with on a deeper level, so their second-best option is sharing their perspectives with adults. They like being read to, and the first moment they are able to, they start reading on their own.

Don’t be surprised to see your old-soul child reading more complex books and writing down ideas and poetry that possess the intensity and depth of an adult mind, as these children have the ability to think past the constraints of an ‘undeveloped mind.’

When it comes to education, old souls have no trouble finding their way around the materials and teachers, as they are very motivated to learn and don’t need a push from anyone.

However, bearing in mind that these children come with a deeper understanding of things and seek the connection in everything, they might come into conflict with some teachers who don’t try to provide the knowledge they seek.

These children especially hate inconsistency and incongruence, and will always speak up if they notice it, regardless of whether they should or shouldn’t. They love the truth and they will let people know that they expect it from them.

Old souls like creativity and excel at it – you can find them creating things out of thin air, regardless of what they chose to be their primary calling. Simply put, they come in touch with something which allows them to express their wise and nurturing nature, and they become obsessed with it.

You will find these children drawing, painting, singing, playing an instrument, gardening, experimenting, constructing things, acting, you name it.

And they don’t rely too much on support from others, but rather choose to give support to others.

It’s because they quickly learn of their advanced awareness compared to that of the rest (sometimes even including their parents’) and they know that they need to help them grow.

Old souls know how to level with everyone they get in touch with (to the best of their abilities) – from younger children to elderly people – and they use this ability to lay out their insights and philosophies so as to help their peers grow and become better individuals.

They see everyone in the world as their peers, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, or race. It’s because old souls come with the knowledge that we are all peers on the basis of our humanity and our life purpose: love.

That’s why these children choose to see the good in everyone and may seem gullible and naïve. However, don’t underestimate their wisdom and their mental capabilities, which are enormous even from such early age.

They’re not stupid if they let people hurt them. They know what they’re doing: they trust the good in them unconditionally. If only we all trusted each other so much.

Of course, every personality comes with its own unique variations. However, these traits are universal and apply to the essence of one’s being. In the end, even these children can be shaped to fit the mindless drone-society we have become (although it would require increased effort). Don’t ever allow that to happen.

Old souls bring the wisdom to this world that has gone to a direction that has everything but wisdom. Learn from them and grow with their help – they’ll be more than happy to guide you.


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