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The “Tesla Of Eco-Villages” Is An Off-Grid Community Capable Of Producing Its Own Water, Food & Electricity


ReGen Villages are the new solution to world’s greatest problems today, such as climate change, the rise of the world’s population, and the limited resources.

In partnership with a Danish architecture firm called Effekt, ReGen Villages will locate the first off-grid village in Almere, the Netherlands, this summer. The village will be able to produce its own water, food, and energy.

It is supposed that approximately 10 billion people will live on Earth by 2050, so these regenerative villages will be more than needed for the human population because of their ability to produce clean water, waste removal, and healthy food.

ReGen Villages

The CEO of ReGen, James Ehrlich, says that they are thinking of the issue on a global scale, and the solution is indeed regenerative housing, or in his words – the “Tesla of eco-villages.”

Because of the fact that many greenhouses will be included in these off-grid villages, people will be able to grow their own food there and recycle the waste. Moreover, in the villages will also be integrated indoor vegetable gardens along with high-tech vertical farms, and for the outdoor activities – a number of seasonal outdoor gardens are planned.

ReGen Villages

The whole system in the villages will function like a circle in which: soldier flies and livestock will be fed with the recycled resident waste; the aquaculture system will be fertilized with the fish waste, and the aquaculture system will feed the garden plants.

Finally, the outdoor gardens will be fertilized with the livestock waste.

ReGen Villages
Ehrlich predicts that these farming systems will produce 10 times more crops and using 90% less water in a course of one year.

When it comes to electricity, people will have 24/7 hot water and electrical energy using other energy sources, for instance, solar panels.

However, families would have to take the full responsibility for maintaining the integrated systems in the villages – from maintaining the solar panels and operating the greenhouses to taking care of the livestock.ReGen Villages

These are but small responsibilities for such enormous gains that these villages will provide to the families.

A hundred of pilot homes are planned to be built later this year in Almere, Netherlands. If they prove to be accepted and successfully functioning, ReGen will build many more pilot villages in countries like Germany, Denmark, China, Sweden, Norway, the UAE, and perhaps in Africa too.

What do you think of this solution?