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Tesla Autopilot “Predicting” A Car Crash Seconds Before It Happens (VIDEO)


This dashcam video footage appears to show something really amazing – an autopilot predicting a car crash just seconds before the actual event.

It is a collision warning system that works in a simple way. It just beeps seconds before there is a crash. The video shows this Tesla model beeping before one vehicle strikes the back end of a SUV. The car accident occurred on a highway in the Netherlands.

This autopilot feature helps the car to in a way sense what’s ahead by utilizing safe-driving-pattern monitoring and that’s how it triggered the alarm.

Also, the emergency braking system was turned on before the crash happened. As you can see from this video, the collision looks pretty bad. However, Hans Noordsij, who shared the video on Twitter, informed people that, surprisingly, no one was badly hurt.

Right now there is no official comment by Tesla, but the electronic sound that you heard in the video is in fact the sound of the electric car’s forward collision warning system. Tesla released a new software a couple of months ago in order to improve the Autopilot partial self-driving system.

Tesla put importance on radar and not sensors, as previously. Also, the car can bounce radar waves under the vehicle that is in front of it. It can also detect if there is a vehicle ahead of the front one that makes a sudden stop, but the driver cannot see it, which can be fatal and lead to a chain-crash.

These improvements were made after one Tesla driver was killed despite the Autopilot system in the car. Tesla admits that this system couldn’t detect a truck crossing the driver’s path, but the driver seemed to forget to use the brakes. Anyhow, this system is not a full self-driving one.