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The Amazing Omega Male: Why He Is Way Better Than The Alpha


We all know that alpha male – the confident and dominant guy who gets tons of ladies and wants to be the center of attention. But, there’s this other type of man who doesn’t stand out in society but possesses amazing characteristics that make him the best. That’s the omega male.

Just because omega males don’t want to get attention and aren’t interested in social status and popularity, people wrongly think they’re passive, quiet, and even boring. But, this is far from the truth.

In fact, they’re confident and they can be active as the alpha, but they don’t want to show off these qualities so as to get people’s adoration. They’re kind, gentle, and empathetic, and they’re wonderful in relationships. So, if your partner is an omega male, know that he’s a real keeper.

Here are 8 reasons why the omega male is better than the alpha:

1. He’s empathetic.

The omega male has the ability to see and identify with what you’re going through. He’ll do his best to show you that you can always rely on him for whatever you need. If you feel worried about something or sad, he’ll always be there to comfort and help you because he understands how you feel. He’ll never let you fight your battles alone.

2He’s kind.

If you’re looking for someone who will truly care about you, then the omega male is the right person for you. This type of man is tender, unselfish, and he’ll always make time to take care of your needs and offer you his support and help if there’s a need.

Additionally, the fact that he has high self – control means that he’ll never allow his strong, i.e. negative emotions, affect the way he treats you.

3. He’s gentle.

This kind of guy isn’t afraid to show you his soft side. He’ll will always treat you like a lady. He’ll never be reluctant or ashamed to give you a comforting hug or cuddle with you on the couch and eat pizzas while you’re watching your favorite movie together.

Moreover, he’ll always be willing to do the things you enjoy doing. Be that watching romantic comedies, riding a bicycle, walking in nature, or shopping, he’ll be more than willing to join you.

4. He’s easy-going.

The omega male is relaxed and doesn’t fly off the handle when faced with stressful situations. He tries to stay calm and avoid unneccesary tension and stress in his life. That’s why he always prefers to talk things out with you over a cup of coffee rather than fighting with you and creating drama.

5. Ego? What’s that?

The omega male can achieve success just as much as the alpha, but he’ll never brag about it. He doesn’t feel the need to blow his trumpet everywhere he goes. He won’t post comments on Facebook showing off his achievements.

He’s aware that his happiness and worth aren’t determined by the number of people who admire him. Instead, his success and happiness are within himself and the way he lives his life.

6. He’s introverted.

Compared to the typical alpha male who wants to be the strongest, smartest, the most handsome, and best at everything, the omega doesn’t want to stand out.

The omega male prefers to spend time alone to being the one everyone pays attention to. Additionally, they don’t feel the need to compete with other males so as to show that they’re the best.

7. He prefers deep relationships.

I’ve already mentioned that the omega male doesn’t show any interest whatsoever in popularity. This means that he’ll be happy and satisfied having only a handful of true and loyal friends instead of having a bunch of dishonest and fake ones.

He likes to know that he’s surrounded by people he can trust and have meaningful and deep conversation with and who will show him he can always rely on them.


8. He wants to work alone.

He doesn’t want to be a part of any group, be that at his work or with his friends. He wants to work on his own because he believes in his mental strength, abilities, and decisions. The only thing he cares about is to be happy, fulfilled, and feel good about himself. He works hard to achieve his goals and he doesn’t care if people are following his progress or not. He’d rather be his own master than a leader of some group.

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