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The Assisted Living Option for Mentally Disabled Adults


Adults with disabilities need to have a safe environment where they can do all self-care activities daily for their satisfaction and well-being. Therefore, an ideal home should be a place where they can live comfortably. Besides, it should be an environment where mentally retarded people should feel good, be themselves, and enjoy quality time. However, it can be overwhelming to find the right assisted living environment considering that there are various factors to think about before choosing the suitable one. This post will help you to choose the best home for your mentally disabled adult.

Activities of daily living

Activities of daily living refer to everything you do, such as waking up in the morning to shower, toileting, brushing your teeth, shopping and preparing for meals, and many other tasks you do daily. These activities are important for you to maintain independence. But most mentally retarded adults are unable to perform some of these routine activities, meaning they need help to perform them. 

Hence, you should consider assisted living for your mentally disabled relative. This is the only way they can be self-reliant and live happily in communities. Whether it’s laundry and housekeeping chores, money management, medication management, or meal preparation, a mentally retarded person requires guidance or supervision so that they can safely and successfully live independently.

Assisted living      

If your loved one is mentally retarded due to any health problems, such as Down syndrome, perhaps assisted living is your best option. Remember that adults with Down syndrome are just like any other person and have a wide range of abilities, needs, and desires. With the right support, they can live complete lives that they deserve and feel like they are part of their communities. 

Best of all, there is a rise in job opportunities and living arrangements for these people. Therefore, it makes sense to consider an assisted living option for your disabled loved one. You see, assisted living will not only help your loved one with a variety of help in managing their routine activities, but it also assists people to acquire job skills. 

You must note that assisted living is suitable for people who can do most of the activities on their own. This means a person with Down syndrome can also secure a job to help them to pay for their expenses. 

Who needs assisted living? 

Another best thing about assisted living is that your loved one can have a supportive environment that promotes independence. After all, such an atmosphere is designed for mentally disabled adults who need to improve their life skills. For this reason, if your relative can do some of the chores independently and need help performing other activities, then assisted living might be the ideal one for them. 

The good news is that most assisted living providers offer a range of programs and services to help residents achieve their personal goals. Think about this, residents can enroll in job skills training to prepare them for working life. 

While it can be quite hard for any adult to adjust to the changes as they grow up, it can even be more difficult for someone with mental retardation. Fortunately, assisted living offers a regular social structure, where a job coach supports them throughout the day. Above all, adults with mental retardation can acquire the required self-esteem and determination to be productive at workplaces.