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The Beauty Of The Spiritual Journey Lies In Accepting Your Flaws

it's not all love and light

There are countless articles about self-help and positivity on the internet. And I’m sure that you come across hundreds of posts about the same subject on social media every day.

But, let me tell you something: Those posts do not reveal the entire story. Those posts can’t summarize the complexity of life. Because the truth is that there’s no such “influencer,” yoga master, or lifestyle guru that has it all figured out. No one has all the answers.

It is easy to get enticed by self-proclaimed spiritual teachers and gurus since they appear to always be positive. They give the impression that they can help you embark on your spiritual journey because they know the secret behind it. But, the truth is – they don’t.

The spiritual journey is a highly personal experience. It helps you deepen your connection with yourself so that you can understand how you can meet your needs. It helps you reconnect with your highest self – the self which is rich with strength, wisdom, joy, and love.

On this journey, you come across new adventures and discoveries every day. There will be days when you feel strong, happy, and powerful. But there will also be days when you feel weak. But, do not stress over this. Since even on days like these, you’ll still be strong. You’ll still be worthy. You’ll still be appreciated.

You see, the importance of the spiritual journey is that while you discover the strength, wisdom, and love inside of yourself, you embrace and fall in love with your weaknesses and imperfections as well. You begin to accept that you’re meant to experience both positive and negative emotions.

On the spiritual journey, you will learn how to embrace and cherish your flaws instead of denying them with positivity.

In addition, the spiritual journey will require you to reevaluate parts of your life which you’re ashamed of and you’d rather turn a blind eye to.

It’ll require you to face your beliefs and reshape or get rid of the ones which don’t benefit you.

It’ll require you to stop holding a grudge against people who have hurt you.

It’ll require you to face painful memories.

And it’ll also ask you to be truly honest with yourself about how willing you are to change. It’ll require you to answer questions, such as:

Are you willing to forgive?

Are you willing to reshape the beliefs that prevent you from growing and achieving true happiness?

Are you willing to break off relationships which drain your energy and suck the happiness out of you?

 Are you willing to break self-destructive habits?

Are you willing to accept anything life may throw your way?

So, what you need to understand is that only when you develop curiosity about how you live your life and become comfortable facing your insecurities, fears, and past pains, will you manage to heal your emotional wounds and evolve into the person you want to be.

And yes, this will take time, but it’ll be worth it!

The Beauty Of The Spiritual Journey Lies In Accepting Your Flaws