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The Benefits of Hugging for Better Health


Hugs may seem to be a thing of the past during the coronavirus epidemic. In fact, a hug may be the most important thing you need during this difficult time. Part of what makes quarantining so tough is the isolation and lack of human contact. Human touch and connection are as basic as any human need, and research shows that hugs do more than just make you feel good. Giving your loved ones an affectionate squeeze has been proved to be beneficial to your health by researchers.

Giving and receiving hugs has a lot of health advantages. Hugs have a calming effect on people, according to psychologists, giving someone a hug is a fantastic approach to express that you care about them. They’re also beneficial to your health.

Research demonstrates that hugs are beneficial and hugs lower cortisol levels, a stress hormone, and other studies show that hugs lower blood pressure and heart rate in stressful conditions.

According to additional research, giving and receiving hugs can actually boost your immune system.

Hugging has a therapeutic impact, because your brain has been wired to recognize human contact, it has developed specific pathways to do so.

We can distance ourselves from people and become engrossed in our own universe. Just hugging someone physically connects us with them and lets down some of our barriers.

Hugging sends out the message that you are safe, loved, and not alone, which is a message that is desperately needed right now.

During the coronavirus pandemic, there are several ways to safely give and receive affection.

Since we first learned about the coronavirus, a lot has changed. You may be afraid of physical touch or embracing if you follow social distancing principles and mask up. Is there, however, a way to strike a balance between being deliberately separated and simultaneously remaining connected?

Hugging can really increase the amount of oxytocin, or the “feel good” chemical, in your brain, so connecting in any way we can right now might be precisely the thing. Avoiding hugs is the safest option. Right now, though, there are certain safe ways to give and receive affection.

Hug a pet: Numerous studies have demonstrated that humans and pets have therapeutic ties.

Hug a family member or friend: You’re already spreading diseases among your family members. It might be a good idea to hug your family members more frequently right now.

Invest in a body pillow: While hugging a pillow isn’t the same as spooning with a loved one, it can be soothing. According to some studies, body pillows can help with back pain, create a comfortable sleeping posture for pregnant women, and even decrease snoring.

Connect with loved ones over the internet: Technology has undoubtedly aided many people in surviving the coronavirus outbreak. FaceTime, Zoom, and other video conferencing programs can allow you to feel connected while keeping your distance from others.

Use the extra time to treat yourself or start a new self-care practice while you’re in quarantine. Facials, bubble baths, and online exercise programs give numerous possibilities for taking care of yourself while being safe.

Put on a mask and go out: If you want to be close to your pals, do so carefully. Wash your hands thoroughly, put on your favorite mask, and arrange a coffee date with a friend at an outdoor coffee shop, for example. Alternatively, order ahead for takeout and have a picnic in the park (still masked and six feet apart, of course).

The coronavirus has had a significant impact on how we give and receive affection. However, staying connected to those we care about is critical for our mental health. We can do it securely and express affection with individuals who are important to us with a little imagination and preparation. A hug ring to show I’m always here.