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The Benefits Of Vaping Over Traditional Smoking


There are many mixed opinions about vaping. You may have read a news article discussing the health benefits of e-cigs, and the very next day, you see a news report that makes vaping sound harmful and dangerous. If you are thinking of making the transition from smoking to vaping, it can be overwhelming.

Let us look at a few benefits of vaping that may help you make your transition easier.

It’s safer than smoking.

Vaping is safer than smoking because there are no flames used and no combustion occurs, which means there will be no tar or ash. Vaping produces vapor, which is safer because it doesn’t contain the harmful substances that smoke from combustion has. Regular smoking is more dangerous than vaping because when you smoke, you inhale high heat, which is also not good for your throat. When you switch to vaping, it will reduce toxicity.

Smoking is unhealthy for the person smoking and for the person sitting near the person who is smoking. The worst part is when you finish smoking, your fingers and mouth are both left with a foul odor.

There are also options of reducing the smell when vaping by using a dry herb vaporizer; it allows you to vape, and you continue with your business as usual without that after smell associated with smoking. Dry herb vaporizers from dr dabber have many benefits, including infusing different flavors and better taste. It also saves you some money when you use dry vaporizers.

Vaping is better for your lungs.

Vaping is much better for the lungs because there is no heat involved. Typical smoking requires you to inhale heat and smoke, which are not suitable for your lungs. Vaping produces vapors that are cooler than smoke produced when smoking.

Smoking can also damage your lungs and airways. When someone smokes a lot, the cell that produces mucus in the lungs and respiratory system multiply in number and produces more mucus, and the lungs fail to clean out the excess mucus. Resulting in blocked airways, which make you cough.

Smoking also makes your lungs age faster because they are working overtime and decreases the efficiency of your natural defense mechanism, which usually protects the body against infection.

Vaping helps you control your nicotine intake.

Vaping gives control over how much nicotine you can take. E-juice is usually available in varying strengths ranging from nicotine-free to high strength nicotine. You can control how much nicotine you want in your vape if you’re going to use any at all. Most people usually start with high nicotine levels and then gradually work their way down to reduce nicotine levels and eliminate the nicotine.

Vaping also controls the amount of vapor you exhale. Smaller vape devices like pods have been designed for low vapor and convenience. However, high-powered devices like the mods have been designed for cloud chasing. Vaping allows you to adjust the power output, airflow, and coil, which lets you fine-tune your vapor volume.