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The Best Drinking Mezcals to Try this Year


The duel between mezcal and tequila isn’t ending anytime soon. All in all, the objective thinkers know that mezcal isn’t your ordinary spirit. It is a mix of purity, greatness and elaborate brewing from natural ingredients. The agave plant from Mexico is the major ingredient here. What sets the mezcal apart is the process of preparation which is aimed at producing quality. You’ve probably seen people make a switch from margarita to mezcal. Well, this is your turn to try out this Mexican spirit that is gaining popularity.

Some Tips Before You Take a Sip

To ensure you join the party and enjoy mezcal, you first need to understand how to enjoy it. Mezcal reciprocates when you drink it right. It would help if you start slow. Even if you have been enjoying all the other kinds of liquor, it is best to acknowledge that this is a whole different territory and you need to go up the ladder slowly. Start with the smoothest options and make your way up gradually.

Mezcal is defined by a smoky taste which is amazingly delicious. This results from the process of making it which majorly involves roasting the agave in underground pits. You need to choose the smokiness that goes with the occasion. The strong smoke goes well with occasions of deliberation where you want to sip slowly and keep the conversation going. The milder forms are best for short interactions.

Mezcal is best enjoyed with slow shallow sips, unlike the bad boy galloping that you might be tempted to do. When you go slow, you have the time to take in the smell and then an initial taste before you swallow a bit more.

The Mezcals to Try

When you come to the Mezcals world, you don’t want to miss out on brands. If you have been drinking mezcal, you would surely want to try these upgrades.

  •       Mezcal Rosaluna

Mezcal Rosaluna is no doubt, one of the drinks you should be trying out. It is a nice spirit that gives you a whole different experience thanks to the exemplary brewing it undergoes. The ingredients are naturally selected with passion and the preparation takes loads of patience. Its flavor is primarily influenced by earthy agave which is roasted in underground pits as it goes for all mezcals. Rosaluna then boosts the flavor with an addition of spices such as cinnamon and ginger. The aroma is boosted with inclusions of pineapple, citrus and other tropical fruits.

  •       Mezcal Joven

Mezcal Joven made from Espadín is the perfect drink to introduce to your bar cart this year. It is made with purity and natural processes. Espadin is one of the agave variants that take nearly six years to ripen before it is fermented. The Mezcal joven has a good balance of smokiness and taste. It has an overall silky flavor that makes an excellent drink for the mezcal novice as well as an ardent enthusiast. This drink makes a good choice for many occasions and can also make cocktails if you fancy amazing blends.

Finally, the hint of agave smoke punctuates the smoothness and makes for a great introduction for people who are new to drinking mezcals.

In mezcals, you will find something that teases your taste buds and makes occasions memorable. They are an amazing kind of drink that have this cool vibe around them. You will love the sips because of the unique smoky flavor and it gets even more interesting when you have some natural additions to the mix, such as spices and fruits. This year don’t settle for those ordinary spirits, take a leap and try out mezcal.