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The Best Tire Workouts to Sculpt a Lean Body


Nowadays, all you see on social media are guys and gals pushing or rather flipping a tire all across a gym or backyard.  Well, if not all at least most fitness enthusiasts are going for tire workouts.

As it turns out, tire workouts can help build strength and endurance and burns some major calories. Also, it offers a nice change from your regular barbells and dumbbells, so you should suddenly check out various tire workouts for strength.

 Integrating a tire workout into your workout regime will shock your body and coerce muscles to work in a different way. Also, it looks pretty empowering to lift a tire and workout with it.

The best way to start is by starting with a lighter tire and gradually improve the intensity of the workouts as per your activity level and strength. Try the best tire workouts to get a lean and mean body.

Best Tire Workouts for Gaining Strength

1) Pop Squats.

If you want to start with a tire workout then you must start with pop squats.

Just stand in the center of the tire into a low squat and jump up onto the tire while you have both your feet to land standing. This helps your legs and glutes for boosting strength and definition. Apart from boosting your strength with a burst of cardio to burn away calories and get your heart rate up.

2) Decline Push-Up and Knee Drive

Boost your pushups and knee drives with a tire. All you do is put your feet on the tire and hands on the ground as you plank/pushup position. Lower yourself into a push-up and press up, then push one knee to your chest and then do it with another leg. This movement is not only great for your chest and shoulders but is great for your core and stability too.

3) Single Leg Box Jumps

This is another extremely effective tire training exercise. Start standing on one foot and move up onto the tire, while you land on a single leg. Jump down or step down according to your level and the flexibility of your joints. This combines both strength and cardio benefits. Switch legs one after another. The single leg jumps works your legs and helps maintain balance.

4) Tire Flips

This is one badass move and taps onto your latent strength. Squat down as you lift the tire from the bottom, and flip it over. The easier it seems the more challenging it is and you have to prepare yourself to use the full strength. Here, you can work out both your upper body and lower strength. You can add a broad jump too. As you do tire flips add a broad jump by flipping the tire, broad jump to the other side, and then flip the tire again.

5)  Sledgehammer

Channelize your inner warrior and get your sledgehammer game on point. In this workout, you keep pounding that tire to get the most out of it. You can try the weighted sledgehammer and you can try various compound moves with a lunge back, squat, and hit the tire. Go for 10-15 reps on each side.

6) Lateral High Step-Through 

This is one of the most intensive tire workouts. Here you need to keep your left foot planted on the outside, then as you draw your right knee toward your chest and step your foot right into the middle of the tire. Keep alternating jumping from left to right almost like speed skating as you simultaneously bring your opposite hand to the knee. Move as fast as possible.

 Note: You’ll stay covering the left half of the tire and you won’t end up standing on the right side of the tire, then keep hopping back and forth. Just remember, it isn’t about what side you jump on so long as you’re high stepping over the tire. Do 4*30 seconds on and 15 seconds off.

7) Triceps Dips

In this exercise, the bench gives away to a tire. It is a slow and controlled movement working on your triceps. You can make this harder still by adding a plate to your lap or you can use it as an active rest while you use one as a rest period in between the other tire=training workouts.

Place your arms behind you as you place your arms behind you. Keep your palms of your hands on the tire while your arms are fully extended. Place your feet roughly half of your body length right in front of the tire. This is where you start. Bend at the elbows at a 90-degree angle as you lower your body slowly until your bottom just brushes the ground. Return to the straight-arm position. This covers the first repetition.

8) Step-Ups

This exercise works your legs and hips along with your quads and glutes. What you need to do is jump from the tire in a super fast manner. This will make you more agile and you can put this explosiveness into other sports activities.

Face the tire and then place your left foot on it. Use this foundation to push off the step. Push through your heel to jump up vertically. While you explode in the air your legs will naturally meet again side by side;  then switch your opposite leg to rest on the tire as soon as you come down. Land on the ball of your feet softly so that you can rev your body to jump high and explode again.

The harsh summer sun might be winding down at you, but don’t just stay cooped up in your cabin and sip iced green tea! Come on, set it out in fresh air and feel like a beast as you tackle a mammoth tire. You might wonder how you can get there. And despite how complex it may sound, it isn’t rocket science. Everything relies on a clear purpose. Combine these tires with the best barbell for home gym and you’ll get even better results. You also have spaces for tire workouts at gym nowadays. But if you rather workout at your home, your backyard is good to go! Use this versatile piece of equipment to experiment with a variety of exercises.  This is a great one for gaining power, strength, and conditioning. One, equipment, many uses, so what’s stopping you?