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This Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of The Negative People From Your Life


In this surprising journey called life, you’ll eventually cross your path with all sorts of people. Some of them good, some of them bad, most of them egoistic.  However, at the end of the day, it’s your final choice to decide who gets to stay in your world and who doesn’t. The most important thing you need to keep reminding yourself is that the ONLY person you can depend on is YOU.

Friendships are an essential part of a healthy and harmonious life. For some people, they mean the world to them. They see it as this unbreakable, everlasting pure bond. But let’s face today’s awful truth. They really aren’t.  

In this hectic, fast-paced,  twisted world of ours, nowadays personal interests and concerns matter more than kindness and empathy. Friendships like any other kind of relationships can end. But hey,  let’s look at the bright sight. If some fragment of your life just doesn’t do you any good, it’s okay to let go of it.

Just take a deep breath and let these words guide you.


Don’t be afraid to rely on your own instincts and put yourself FIRST. Trust me on this. Energy exists in every living form and never lies. If you feel like someone in your surrounding affects your well-being in any harmful way, that’s enough.

There is no justification for allowing those greedy energy-vampires control your life.  And remember! You don’t owe anyone anything. You may tell them how you truly feel, but at the end, it’s your choice how you deal with it.


I know. Breakups and separations are hard. But nothing hurts more than experiencing that agonizing heartbreak whether it’s a romantic relationship or friendship. It’s perfectly normal to feel afraid of letting go, after all our relationships and ability to socialize define us as humans.

But you need to grow and rise above it. Start subtly and create the much-needed distance by occupying your time with other friends and activities that reflect positivity onto you. Feel free to leave them behind so they no longer influence your life.


Ending a relationship, even if it’s a bad one, it’s a painful process and takes a lot of courage. In my opinion, the best way it’s to always be sincere and upfront about your feelings. Be confident with your final decisions and make that crucial step.


Now that you’ve taken some time apart, use your alone time to go through with every thought that bothers you. We all seem to have a distinctive coping mechanism based on our personality.

Some seek and find shelter in solitude, others need their friends. Confide in people you trust and love.  Like the great Dalai Lama once said “Love and compassion are necessities. Without them, humanity can’t survive.”


This is a definite NO-GO. The best way to put an end to something dysfunctional is throughout an open and heartfelt intellectual conversation. Insulting and bad-mouthing them is only a reflection of immaturity and won’t get you anywhere except back into that dark negative state of mind.

And the whole point of surviving and going through that hard letdown is based on discovering your true self and taking care of yourself first and foremost.

One thing is definite. Life is short. So why not try and do our best to enjoy it?