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The Busier We Are, The More We Need To Be Alone: Here Are A Few Ideas How To Relax


This world is an express train that is going too fast and I cannot bear the pressure. Personally, I feel like I am going to throw up.

Look around you. People are getting busier and busier by the hour. They are always running somewhere. They are always rushing to catch a bus, finish an errand, get that check, get lunch, get to work.

I get it. We are busy working bees that are not satisfied with the ordinary. We always want more. More work, more knowledge, more information, more money. That is truly amazing if you ask me, but it is not always beneficial for us.

Look around you. We are The Burnout Generation. We live in a world where everything we can imagine is possible if you work hard enough. And so, we do. We put our heart and souls into accomplishing our dreams and we succeed. But somewhere down the line, we forget to take care of ourselves. We let ambition and greed take control of our lives.

And after some time, we realize that the busier we get, the more we need to be alone.

We realize that spending time with ourselves and enjoying the silence is actually the best thing that we can do for ourselves. Because it really is.

In fact, according to recent studies, taking time for yourself restores the nervous system, helps us sustain energy and makes our minds more responsive and adaptive to the complexity of the environments.

However, being quiet is not about distancing yourself from the daily distractions of your office. Real silence means more than that. It means silencing your inner chaos and finding peace within yourself. It is about resting your body, mind, and soul and taking a break from life’s dynamic.

Here are four effective methods that will help you relax:

1. Spend more time outdoors. Ditch the phone and the TV and go to your cabin in the woods. Be offline for a few days. Isolate yourself from all the media and all the people. Let them know that you need to recharge and let go of everything. Allow yourself to breathe.

2. Make breaks from work. Close the office door every once in a while, and take a deep breath. Or even better, take a break and eat your lunch outside. Go to the nearest park and enjoy the morning sun. Close your eyes and enjoy the silence. Meetings can wait. Your wellbeing that shouldn’t be left on hold.

3. Go on a media fast. Stop giving a damn about your emails. You are a human being who needs rest. You deserve to be left alone. You deserve to find your peace. Turn off your damn phone for one day and just try to enjoy life from a real perspective. See things with your eyes not your camera.  Enjoy every moment because you never know what tomorrow might bring.

4. Try a meditation retreat. Yes, the world is getting louder, but it is your choice whether you will ignore it or let it drive you mad. If none of the above helps you, I suggest you try meditation retreat. It is an experience that will change the way you think and the way you see the world. It will help you slow and take look around.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Busier We Are, The More We Need To Be Alone: Here Are A Few Ideas How To Relax