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The Day Of My Graduation Was The Day Of My Parents’ Graduation As Well


I still remember the day I graduated. The day I finished one chapter of my life and started a new one.

College education has the power to change lives as it certainly changed mine but also that of my family. I can proudly say that when I graduated, my family graduated with me. I earned my diploma thanks to their constant support and encouragement.

I wouldn’t have made it without their help.

My parents didn’t go to college. And maybe that was the reason why they insisted so much that I enroll, study hard, and earn my diploma. They were afraid  I’d follow their steps and start working without finishing college first.

They knew that a college education was the basis of a good life. That it opened the door to many opportunities and successes.

They sacrificed a lot to ensure I get college education. They sacrificed their time, their money, and I sometimes think, their happiness too. And for that, I’ll always be grateful to them.

When I enrolled at the college, my parents helped me with all the costs. They never made me feel like I owed them something. Even when I suggested that I should get a part – time job so as to earn some money and cover at least a part of the costs, they didn’t allow me. They always insisted that I should only care about my studies and about nothing else.

And that’s what I did. I studied hard and tried to be the best. When I had more free time I worked as a freelance in the library and I earned some money, which, of course, I used to pay for my studies.

I have many great memories from that period that I’ll always cherish. If there’s one thing that makes me sad sometimes is the fact that I missed many birthday parties of my family and friends and other important home celebrations. I missed opportunities to spend more time with my grandparents who are gone now. But, that’s life. No one said it’s easy.

I’ll always be proud of my achievements and of my family who helped me unconditionally become the person I’m today. A person who wants to make changes in the world and make life easier for many people out there. A person who wants to make education more accessible to people belonging to the lower social class. A person who serves as an example of how important parents’ help and support to their children is.

Image: The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga