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The 15 Greatest Teachers In The World


At one point or another we were all impatient while waiting for the end of the school year. Luckily, there was always at least one teacher that kept our attention alert. Those teachers are worth remembering.

Teachers who are aware of children’s needs and know how to communicate with them, making the process of learning more fun and engaging. Thank you for making our days brighter.

Here’s an interesting way how to make students pay attention on what you say:

1.A student- mother brought her baby to class because she didn’t have any money to hire a babysitter. When the baby started crying, students were surprised when the teacher took the baby in his arms, calmed him down and continued with his lecture.

2.When the physics teacher wants to explain the properties of liquids. 

3. An art teacher will draw everything so that the students are motivated

4. A true mathematician will always find a way to draw a triangle

5. When a teacher keeps his word

6. When a teacher finds a way to keep the spirits up instead of getting mad

7. When the teacher is kitten lover you’ll have to share a classroom with abandoned kittens

8. Here’s how an astronomy teacher’s room looks like

9. Here is how you celebrate Pi Day

10. If you are a physics teacher, you need to be properly dressed when conducting an experiment

11. It’s the last day of school so let the kids go wild and express their creativity

12. You can fool this teacher in no way

13.This shows what’s more important than the conventions for this teacher.

14.Born ready to teach history.

15. The clock in the classroom during an exam