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The Happiest People Alive Know That Life Is Wondrous Journey, Never A Competition


I see you. I see that sorrow in your soul. I see that disappointment in your eyes. You are someone who has failed in life. Someone who got their heart broken. Someone who spent many years trapped in a bad relationship. Someone who made mistakes. But somehow, you are also someone who managed to get up, clean the dirt from your feet and carry on.

Still, I cannot help but notice the fact that there is a part of you that keeps convincing you that you are not worthy. You’ve managed to get yourself out of the gutter, but there is a voice inside of you that keeps making you feel insecure. A voice that is forcing you to compete with everyone. Something is telling you that your happiness can only be found if you really prove yourself to be better than everyone.

You are wrong, my dear…

Can’t you see that you are only making it hard for yourself? Can’t you see that you are hurting yourself?

Stop doing that to yourself! Stop comparing yourself to everyone. Stop being upset because that person’s life looks much better than yours. Stop hating people because of their successes. Stop being jealous of people’s lives. That is their own, personal journey and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with yours. Their success doesn’t dampen yours. And their happiness doesn’t destroy yours!

The worst thing is, you don’t even know what they’ve been through to get where they are now, to look the way they do and to have the life that they have. For what is worth, they might have it even worse than you. Remember, just because someone looks happy on the outside, doesn’t mean that they are happy on the inside.

I know how you feel, and I know that it is difficult for you. But you’ve not been given this life in order to keep up with everyone else. You’ve not been given this opportunity here on earth just to compete with people and prove that you are the best! No! I believe your existence has a greater purpose. And that is finding true happiness.

The happiest people alive are not happy because they have everything they want in life. No, no. They are aware that life is nothing but a chain of fortunate and unfortunate events. And they are fine with that.

They don’t treat life like a competition. They don’t compare with other people. They don’t worry if they fall behind because they know that they are on the right path. What’s even more important, they don’t look for their happiness someplace else.

They simply know that life is nothing but a wondrous journey. They’ve accepted the fact that this journey will always have ups and downs, obstacles and advantages. And they’ve said yes to challenges. Because ultimately, those help them grow.

The Happiest People Alive Know That Life Is Wondrous Journey, Never A Competition