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The Importance of Helmets


Operating any vehicle comes with a great deal of responsibility. The risks that come with driving a car are often widely understood. However, utilizing other vehicles like motorcycles, bikes, and skateboards also come with a great deal of risk. It is essential to understand the risks to ensure the safety of you and others. One major way you can stay safe is by wearing a helmet. Helmets are a way to protect yourself from serious and catastrophic injuries when an accident occurs. Keep reading for more information on why you should use a helmet and how to properly pick a safe helmet.

Rise in Accidents

There has been an increase in the number of bicycle accidents in recent months. According to  a recent CDC report, “during the period March through September 2020 also highlighted the concern, finding that although bicycles had a slight increase (1 percent)  in overall injuries, the increase jumped to 21 percent  for users aged 40 and above, and 39 percent for adults older than 70.” This rise in accidents is a cause for concern for experts. This is a reminder of why it is so important to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. If we all committed to wearing a helmet, then we will be one step closer to decreasing this number.

Importance Of A Helmet 

Helmets are the best way to protect your head when riding a skateboard or bike from injuries. The most severe injury that individuals are at risk of experiencing is a traumatic brain injury. By wearing a helmet, you limit the impact on the head during an accident. The helmet absorbs the impact, making it the difference between being seriously hurt versus a minor bicycle injury during an accident. This is why some states have made wearing a helmet mandatory when using bikes or other two-wheeled vehicles. Experts believe that this mandate is responsible for the sustained use of helmets over the years.

Important Information On Wearing A Helmet 

Another crucial point is to ensure you are using a safe helmet. One thing you should be on the lookout for when deciding on a helmet is making sure it meets CPSC’s federal safety standard. This can be done by looking inside the helmet for an appropriate label. Individuals should also regularly check to see if the helmet needs to be replaced. If you notice any cracks, missing parts, or worn-out straps in your helmet, then it is time to buy a new one. Additionally, it is extremely essential to wear your helmet properly by following the instructions that come with it. These tips, along with watching out for cars when operating a scooter, bike, or skateboard will decrease your chance of being injured.

Whether you are riding a motorcycle, bike, scooter, or skateboard, wearing a helmet is necessary. Being seriously injured in an accident can be detrimental emotionally and financially to you and your loved ones. In order to keep yourself and others safe, you must take the needed steps to limit the number of accidents. Wearing a helmet is the first step! If you have children who ride a bike, scooter, or skateboard, you need to purchase a helmet for them as well and remind them to wear a helmet when riding these vehicles. You should also encourage your friends and families to invest in a helmet as well.