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The Isolated Indian Ocean Island Is The Home To A Community Who Have Lived There For 60,000 Years


What is more fulfilling and still hold a place in your bucket list for as long as you can remember? Is it having enough money to travel the world?

Is it visiting secluded places which has been untouched by humans or the fast-developing technology? Or maybe you have a small black notes keeping down all the places you want to see and experience like no other? Yes, yes and yes!

No matter how adventurous or not adventurous you are, everyone wants to see as many places as possible before their lives come to an end.

The North Sentinel Island sounds just the right place that everyone should put on their bucket list, or is it?

One on One with the North Sentinel Island

It’s located in the Bay of Bengal and it belongs to India. It’s dreamy, it’s isolated, it’s untouched by humans or technology and that sounds like a real vacation for us.

Exploring nature all day long, meeting the tribe that inhabited this marvelous island and take advantage of all the natural sources that this island provides for you.

Well, so far it sounds perfect, however nothing is perfect on this world and there’s something on this island that gives people from all around the world chills and fear.

Ok, now I’m interested. Why is this island so mysterious and so untouchable?

Meet the Sentinelese People

The tribe that ruled this island exclusively for over 60, 000 years and one thing’s for sure- you don’t want to mess with these people.

They have been so hostile to outsiders that we can easily say that no man alive have lived enough or reached even the bays of this island to tell a story about it.

Yes, these people are hostile, they defend this island with all the weapons, force and people they have in order to keep foreigners away from them. It’s no wonder this island has been a mystery for such a long time, the Sentinelese allow no access to what’s known as their OWN island.

So, the North Sentinel Island is about the size of Manhattan and yet there hasn’t been a man to lay foot on it or tell us how it really looks. This tribe is often referred as the “Stone Age Tribe”, probably due to their lifestyle because from the few photos and videos that appeared so far, we can notice that they still use tools and weapons like the ones they used in the Stone Age.

In fact, the Indian government had made several attempts to establish contact or communication with them, however they firmly indicate that they want no contact or mingling with other people.

So, the Indian government has decided to let these people live as they please and even prohibited people to come near the island or make attempts to establish contact with the Sentinelese people.

What we know?

First of all, we see photos from afar and we instantly notice the dazzling beaches, the amazing greenery, and the astonishing forest secluding this island.

However, the tribe left a lot to our imagination. The notorious reputation of this tribe left curious people away from this island and if you even get the chance to get close even by a helicopter, then you will notice a representative of the tribe holding an arrow in his hand and aiming towards you.

Even people wandering the ocean and coming close to it, have faced difficulties approaching this island because they may put their lives in danger or they may not even come alive from this adventure.

The tribe has zero tolerance for curious outsiders, in fact there was an incident in 2006 when the tribe killed two fishermen just because they were fishing too close to their island.

They also use filing rocks and fire arrows as a defense mechanism and not even a helicopter can come near them. However, it’s more about what we don’t know rather than what we know.

It’s the 21st century and we still have no clue about the tribe, what their habits are, the language they speak, their rituals, but one thing is for sure, they don’t want us there and they still want to keep their island away from outsiders or modern civilization.

There are some photos or videos with a very poor quality, because people are trying to take a glimpse of them from afar, however no one dares to approach them or put their lives into jeopardy. 

So, long story short, if you ever do have the chance to wander the ocean, try to avoid this mysterious island and save yourself from all the troubles you may encounter on the way. I’m sure deleting this island from my bucket list.