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The Life Lessons That My Dear Taught Me to Be Happy with Myself


You should know those bad things in life are never really personal. My mother taught me that the dude who cuts your line does not really want to cut your line per se. It is just that she or he wants to get in front of life and you are just the unfortunate soul who has to bear the brunt of the same. You would see how life changes for the better when you stop taking things personally. Your life would become a lot better and your relationships will improve in a dramatic manner as well. Even if something is indeed personal if you treated it like it was not your life would be a lot better for it.

Never make anyone feel bad

You need to treat everyone with respect and dignity and this includes you as well. This is something my good friend Bill always told me. The part of not treating others poorly is pretty obvious but you may not always realize that you are always insulting yourself in the garb of modesty. With introspection, you would realize that it is something that has never benefited anyone, least of all you.

If you stop getting better you stop growing

This is really true for your mind as well as your body. You need to have the mind of a beginner and you should always be pushing the limits.

You should never stop learning in life. It is only when you are flexible – physically and mentally – that you would feel like a young person and you would be happy in life. If you really wish to expand your physical and mental flexibility you should try yoga. It is an excellent way to achieve this goal. I actually learned this from the life of a pro wrestler named Diamond Dallas Page.

Everything is basically a lie

It is natural that you are always debating about various things in life. You are debating whether they are true or not. It is better to stop doing that. Rather you should imagine all these to be lies.

In this case, choose a lie that would make you take some action. It may sound like a strange thing to do but you can be sure it would work.

Learn when to give up

There are times when giving up makes sense and it is simply because you are wrong in holding onto something. There are certain times when the act of holding on makes sense. This is when you know what you are doing is right but at the same time, you also know that it is going to be really difficult to succeed. In some of these cases, you may not also know where you are heading with it.

In these cases, you should definitely persevere. However, if you know that you are wrong and are not quitting just because you do not want others to think of you as a quitter it is time to let go. The way the life of my father turned out taught me this!

Failure can be good at times as well

It is expected that you would have heard this number of times in your life. The question that needs to be asked over here is are you at all proactive about the same? Just think of the last few projects that you did and how successful you were in those.

Now, did you do anything new with them? If you did well in all of them it means that you have not been stepping out of your comfort zone of late. You need to go bigger with your work every single time. There is a chance that you may fail but you would learn a lot too. You should stay motivated in tough times.

Actions speak the loudest

It is pretty self-explanatory when you come to think of it. My good friend Adam says that you should let your work do all the talking for you. You should not have to tell people what you have done, your work should be able to do it on behalf of you.

In fact, if you wish to get something in life this is surely the best way to go about it – take steps to go get it. It is true that talking and planning are important as well but if you do not take any action you are basically wasting your time doing all this.

Be kind

This is something that I have learned on my own having been on the receiving end of harsh behavior from basically everyone in my life. You need to know and understand that no one in this world has an absolutely easy life. You never know the kind of situation other people are in.

It is only when you put yourself in others’ shoes that you realize the kind of situation they are in.