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Here’s Why Empaths Act Strange Around Fake People

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It’s more than a mysterious thing for us to discover why empaths are mostly attracted to inauthentic people. Perhaps, it’s about an inexplicable chemistry existing between these two totally different personalities. Or maybe we should trust the story which tells us that – and + is the best relationship combination.

Not in this case, however. Instead of spreading love sparkles in the air, this empath-inauthentic person relation is filled with a dark cloud of fog and tension. Why?

As emotionally sensitive, empaths feel deeply what other people feel. They are a target to different energies which affect their overall wellbeing. They carry the problems of the world on their shoulders.

It seems like this is much stronger than themselves. It’s impossible for these people to escape their great sense of caring, empathy, love.

Sweet, loving creatures, innocent in all their pure authenticity- that’s what empaths are! Their authenticity suffers when inauthentic people are in their presence.

Inauthentic people don’t care about the real value of a true relationship. They hide their true face, they proudly radiate with energy vibes that alarm everyone to stay as far as possible.

Empaths sense there is something wrong with these people. Empaths are lost in all that inauthenticity. They feel uncomfortable, their energy level is low; inauthentic people kill empaths’ beliefs, their last bit of hope. How?

Inauthentic people have a big ego, they think they’re better than others, they are aggressive, manipulative, they control people and lie a lot. What is worst, these people accept all these things as a normal way of life, as something that needs to be cherished.

Inauthentic people exhaust empaths – physically and emotionally. They spread negativity, they fill their spirits with negative energy.

Empaths are allergic to FAKENESS. That’s it. Fakeness irritates their sensitive soul. It destroys their pure as lightness inner world. It ravages their sense of empathy. It breaks their moral system. This is why they act strangely around inauthentic people.

Empaths believe they are created with one and only goal: to serve other people. Surrounded with fakeness, they don’t want to lose their true sense of who they really are. They need to stay empaths, positive and caring because this world truly needs them.

Image:Marat Safin