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The Number One Red Flag That Shows You’re In A Relationship With An Emotional Psychopath


Everyone wants to be in a meaningful, deep, and successful relationship. But, whether or not you’ll succeed in this depends on the person you’re going to choose as your partner.

An emotional psychopath is certainly the worst kind of a boyfriend you can ever have. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of red flags that you should look out for, but there’s one that stands out.

If you notice that your “amazing” guy displays the following personality trait, you better run, girl, and don’t look back.

Nothing is ever his fault.

Whenever something goes wrong in the relationship, guess whose fault is it? Of course – yours. If he has a bad day, feels tired or nervous, or makes a mistake at work, it’s because you were oversensitive or clingy.

In addition, if you feel upset, sad or hurt, again, that’s because you brought it upon yourself. He can even go to the point of making you feel embarrassed for feeling that way.

This guy never bothers to ask you how you feel or help you when times get tough. Instead of supporting and helping you to overcome your problems, he makes you feel even worse.

He’s unable to see things from another perspective. He sees and interprets things as it suits him. As long as he feels safe and his ego is bolstered, nothing else is important, including you.

He never bothers to understand your opinions and how you feel. And at times, he can make you feel like it’s your fault he can’t understand you because you don’t know how to properly communicate.

He can even make you question your own logic and sanity, but he will never assume responsibility for his wrongdoings.

One thing that this guy enjoys doing is making you feel unworthy. To achieve that, he will throw insults at and harshly criticize you without feeling any shame or remorse.

Moreover, if you get jealous and try to complain about his behavior, he’ll make you feel like you’re crazy and that you’re making things up. He’s always willing to put the blame on you so that he looks innocent.

Enduring his harsh criticism and belittling, it’s likely you start believing his words and see yourself as an unworthy person. He always emphasizes your insecurities, flaws, and mistakes and your confidence begins to decrease.

And because this person is very good at manipulating you in subtle ways,  he can even try to convince you that you should be grateful for having such an “amazing” person, i.e. him, in your life because he’s accepted you although “you are full of imperfections.”

It sounds unbelievable, but there are many women out there who actually believe in this and as a result they stay in the relationship. They can’t see they’re being manipulated and they fall under the influence of this emotional psychopath. They can even start thinking they’re lucky he’s devoting his time and attention to them although they are full of faults.

They stay in the relationship because they believe they’ll never find anyone else who would love them and like to be in a relationship with them.

This guy can hurt you time and time again, but he’ll never admit or apologize for it. He won’t be ashamed to tell you that you’re a boring, clingy, and selfish person who only cares about herself. He’ll go that far as to tell you that it’s YOU who has a negative influence on the relationship.

And when he insults you and sees you get upset by it, he always justifies himself that he has no intention to be mean or anything like it. He just wants to help you see yourself from an objective point of view and recognize your flaws so that you can work on and improve yourself.

All these things are actually his characteristics that he’s trying to project on you.

Failing to recognize the signs of an emotional psychopath and staying in a relationship with him can be a draining and damaging experience. So, if your guy doesn’t bother to show interest in your feelings and opinions and, on top of that, he never accepts responsibility for his actions, but he puts the blame on you instead, you should steer clear as soon as possible.

The more you stay with him, the harder will be for you to leave him. And don’t you ever think you won’t find someone better, because you will. You’ll find someone who will know your worth and will never shatter your confidence.

Image: Joe Black