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The One Thing That Narcissistic Individuals Hate The Most Is Seeing You Happy


If there’s one thing that narcissistic people can’t stand, that is seeing other people happy and doing well in life. Well, it’s no wonder, considering the fact that these self-absorbed, entitled, conceited people are incapable of feeling true happiness.

The problem with narcissists is that they don’t understand that personal fulfillment and genuine happiness come from within. Therefore, they always search for their happiness and contentment in other people.

Narcissists do everything they can to make everyone around them feel inferior to them. They want to feel and look smarter, better, and more successful than the rest. They want others to flatter and praise them. They want to make themselves look more important than those surrounding them. The need for feeling superior is simply stronger than them.

Therefore, when they see that you lead a happy, fulfilling, successful life, they feel envy, dissatisfaction, and resentment. They become jealous of you because you’re happier and more fulfilled than them. They become jealous of you because you have amazing friends and family. They envy you your great career, achievements, and successes.

Narcissists become jealous of everything you are and everything you do because they believe that it’s them who deserve your happiness. They believe they’re the ones who deserve your successes. They believe they’re the ones who deserve to be where you are on the social ladder.

These people are unable to understand or accept the fact that other people are more talented, more skilled, and more hard-working than them. They don’t understand how much you, in fact, have to work and sacrifice your own wishes and even happiness so as to be where you’re now.

Yes, that’s how a narcissist’s mind works – they envy you and hate you even though you didn’t do anything wrong.

Another reason why narcissistic individuals can’t stand seeing you happy is that your happiness threatens their self-esteem. Yes, you read it right – your happiness is a blow to their self-esteem since they compare their success, happiness, and quality of life to your own in unhealthy, wrong ways.

The thing is that although they appear self-confident and immensely proud of themselves, they’re well aware of their insecurities and fears. And their attempt to constantly be the center of attention and act like they’re the smartest and most important people in the world is just their way of hiding their bad sides.

Yes, the last thing a narcissist would want is others to see their flaws and weak sides. Because in their view, they don’t have flaws. They’re the knowers of everything and anything. They don’t make mistakes. They’re always winners. They’re, in one word – perfect.

Therefore, if they notice that you’re happier than them and you’re doing well in life, they’ll do everything in their power to ruin your happiness, denigrate the importance of your achievements, and make you feel weak and unimportant. They’ll do everything they can to make you feel less smart, less successful, and inferior to them.

Yes, narcissists derive pleasure from seeing you unhappy and weak. They like it when you fail to achieve your goals, when you make mistakes, when you feel sad, or when you struggle with low self-esteem. Why?

Because this makes them feel good. It boosts their ego. It makes them feel stronger, better, and more powerful than you.

The One Thing That Narcissistic Individuals Hate The Most Is Seeing You Happy