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The One Who Thinks You Are Good Enough Will Not Be Afraid To Love You From The Bottom Of Their Heart


I know you’ve made many mistakes in your life and I know you regret them.

You’ve given your heart to people who didn’t deserve it. You’ve loved more than you’ve been loved. You’ve offered your soul as a shelter to people who didn’t know any better than destroying it. You’ve sacrificed your happiness for others thinking that one day they will do the same for you.

I know that you are tired of trying all over again.

I know that you are exhausted from hoping.

But you mustn’t lose hope. Because one day, you will find a person who will think that you are more than enough for him. This person will not be afraid to show you what his soul is made of. They will not be afraid to commit to you and love you from the very depth of their heart.

It might be hard for you to understand this now. You are torn and you are tired. There is barely any hope left in your heart. But I completely understand you. I know how you feel.

The only thing that I am asking of you right now is to not give up.

Love is real regardless of what everyone is telling you.

Love exists. And one day, a person will come into your life and prove this to you.

They will make sure you realize your worth. They will do their best to let you know how they feel about you. They will open up their soul and let you in it. You and only you will have the key to their heart.

The one who thinks that you are good enough will not be afraid of the intensity of your heart. This person will be happy to be in your life. They will gladly make space in their life for you and welcome you with open arms.

They will hush down your insecurities, answer all your questions and help you quiet your fears. Everything you once worried about will finally be alright. Everything you once craved will be beside you, around you, inside of you.

The one who thinks you are good enough will be the one who will be there to catch you when you fall for them. They will love you like no one ever loved you before. Unconditionally, madly and passionately from the heart.

This person will be proud to be a part of your life. They won’t hold back from hugging you and showing their affection in front of everyone. On the contrary, they will be more than pleased to show the whole wide world how they feel about you. Because, unlike the ones that were a part of your life before them, they will be 100% certain about you.

Unlike all the others, this person will love you from the depth of their heart. Like there is no tomorrow.