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The Path to Perfection – Why Today’s Fountain of Youth is Laser Skin Resurfacing and Scar Removal


Where do you go when your natural model potential is tarnished by unsightly scars?

Who can you turn to for your magical cure-all, the answer to all the problems and worries holding you back?

With so much at our disposal to reach the pinnacle of physical perfection, it seems a shame to allow events beyond your control to mar your chances or block your route to looking as fantastic as you feel.

There are plenty of at-home remedies you can take to keep you looking young and healthy, but what about rejuvenation on a deeper level?

Sometimes, life deals us a hand we’re simply unable to play without scarring. This is a truth well-known to Doctor Nathan Holt and his specialist team at Cambridge Laser Clinic, who embrace aesthetic procedures as a science and art.

Laser treatment to resurface skin or remove scars is one of the most advanced options available to restore your unblemished shine. A mighty weapon in battles against ageing and a whole host of scar tissues, not to mention a comfortable and convenient process.

Surely if Ponce de León had such a remarkable choice before him, his quest for the fabled Fountain of Youth would have been marked a resounding success.

If you’re ready to discover your miracle and say sayonara to scars from acne or trauma, sun-damaged skin, pigmentation irregularities, mottled and rough skin textures or the fine lines, wrinkles and laxness of ageing, you’re in the right place, and you hardly need to be a conquistador or embark on an epic journey, either.

How laser skin resurfacing removes scars. 

Firstly, there are many different types of lasers for the various categories of scars and work at hand. Depending on the resurfacing you need and the laser clinic you’ve found, experiences can vary.

The lasers practitioners use create beams of thermal energy which are targeted with pinpoint precision to vaporize damaged skin. Adjusting the type of laser used, dermatological experts like Nathan Holt and his team can effectively neutralise even the most obnoxiously defiant scars.

There are two main methods accompanying the array of lasers fit for the task.

Traditional laser skin resurfacing involves exposing the entire surface of the skin to the laser, removing the older layers to free the fresh skin beneath.

Fractional laser resurfacing only exposes part of the skin surface, leaving the uninjured skin surrounding the treatment site which acts as a barrier and promotes rapid recovery. Most skin and laser experts recommend this method.

Because of the way laser scar removal works, your body’s natural healing is stimulated. This provides the best possible outcomes as both old and new damaged cells are replaced with healthy, radiant skin.

What to expect from laser treatment. 

Just as with any bespoke diet or training regimen, the best first step is seeking expert advice.

During your consultation, you’ll get a feel for how many treatments you’ll need based on your goals and lifestyle.

The treatments themselves can be painful, but the local anaesthetic takes care of that to ensure minimal discomfort. For readers considering laser skin resurfacing for larger areas of scarring, it’s worth noting your procedure might need to be performed in a hospital under general anaesthetic instead. Night night.

After the treatment, your skin may feel similar to a minor sunburn. This tenderness can last a few days, and some of you may experience some swelling or flaking. This is all perfectly natural, and you’ll have had every opportunity to discuss this with your dedicated dermatologist beforehand.

Good news for those who hate their jobs, there’s a chance you’ll need some time off work while your skin heals. Again, your doctor will advise you during the consultation of the likelihood as this depends entirely on the scope of your treatment and the lasers used.

While healing, it’s important to accept you might need to modulate your activities. After all, you wouldn’t want to undo any of the miracle effects, would you?

Aftercare is always down to you, so make sure you take care of yourself and try to avoid situations which could put you at risk of infection with you heal, like public swimming or gym time.

But best of all?

The results are not only immediate but they’re progressive, too. This means that, even though your skin feels softer and silky smooth post-procedure, that velvety texture will only improve.

In the months which follow, your skin will appear flushed with new life, looking brighter and boasting more even tones. Can anyone in their right mind decry laser skin resurfacing and scar removal as the key to eternity?

Who should do the procedure? 

Choosing a professional practitioner is a vital first step in your journey to smoother skin with laser resurfacing.

While laser treatments could not be safer under optimal conditions, in the hands of the poorly trained they are equivalent to trusting your dietary plan to Santa.

To avoid causing more harm than good, do your research and be sure to pick a highly trained professional. Experience, training and qualifications are a stamp of excellence, one you should have eyes peeled for if you long for laser resurfacing to help your dream self rise to reality.

A true expert like Doctor Nathan Holt at his laser clinic in Cambridgeshire, UK, knows the points to discuss during the consultation. Dedicated dermatologists will understand the results you’re seeking and instil authentic faith in you that you’re dealing with a trusted specialist.

They will know the best lasers to use, and might even advertise the range at their disposal so you know the ones chosen for you are the right choices, not the only ones.

True laser removal specialists have trained eyes to recognise types and classifications of scars, enabling the optimal choice of therapy.

Did you know there are over eight categories of scarring, or how rare it is for a patient to present only one type?

Experts of the Cambridge skin and laser scene, Doc Holt and his team are among the pinnacle of restorative perfection, and you should settle for no less than the same.

Take advantage of your consultation to grill your prospect on everything which makes your situation unique, and force them to wrap you in the security of their abilities.

This is your body and beauty on the table, here. Treat it like royalty.

If your purported professional seems lacking in skills, equipment, knowledge or ethical standards, think twice.

Don’t sell yourself short on cheap alternatives. Professionalism need not break the bank, and at the Cambridge Laser Clinic, you can take those first steps with absolutely free consultations with no obligations.

Is the treatment suitable for everyone? 

The short answer is, maybe.

While it’s true that those with darker skin tones may experience less than ideal results, or that those prone to dermatological conditions, such as cold sores or blisters, could be unsuitable, this is no one size fits all sweeping statement.

This should be the final convincing you need to seek a consultation with a renown expert. Someone with proven experience you can trust, who can advise and guide you safely through to the other side of the Fountain of Youth.

If you’re ready to take that journey, check out Nathan Holt’s scar removal and laser skin resurfacing.