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The Pursuit of Happiness: 6 Ways to Be Happy From the Inside out

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Happiness has been an important concept for humanity. So much so that it’s listed with other unalienable rights of life and liberty in the Declaration of Independence.

While happiness is very individual, some universal truths seem to transcend people from diverse walks of life. Here, read some tips that can lead you to true happiness or, at the very least, make you happier.

Have an Honest Conversation with Yourself

Happiness is very personal. While gardening may make one person very happy, it might incite feelings of dread in another. As you begin this journey, it’s important to be brutally honest with yourself about what you perceive happiness to be and what it looks like to you.

Without knowing what you are looking for, how do you plan to find it, and how do you know when you finally have it? Figure out the things that will truly make you happy and create a plan to attain them.

Get Enough Sleep

New research shows that good sleep is just as significant to happiness as winning the lottery might be. Inadequate shuteye will leave you feeling cranky and unhappy.

Scientists have also found links between sleep and mental health. Sleep deprivation over an extended period can lead to depression in some instances. The other aspect of sleep is that it gives you the energy required to chance other joy-inducing outcomes.

Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care sums up rituals and habits that support good health, self-confidence, and looking and feeling great from the inside out. Unfortunately, when people get busy, this tends to go out the window.

Put some effort into prioritizing self-care regardless of what else is going on. Little things like having coffee in your favorite mug or having 20 minutes to yourself after the kids go to bed can help increase your happiness levels. Whatever this is, prioritize doing these little acts of self-love for yourself every single day.

Create an Attitude of Gratitude

People with an attitude of gratitude make a habit of focusing on expressing appreciation and thankfulness for the opportunities they get in their lives and businesses.

When you take on an attitude of gratitude, you tend to feel more productive, abundant, and, yes, much happier. This also allows you to enjoy and fully immerse yourself in the joys you are experiencing currently as you work for larger wins.

Get Moving

According to a Harvard research, as little as 15 minutes of physical activity per day is akin to taking an antidepressant. A quick, sure way of feeling happier is through working out. The human body has over 600 muscles to do just that. The activity does not matter. The goal is to find a physical activity you love doing. From a job, a brisk walk, swimming, aerobic, Zumba, name it. Working out for a few minutes will prompt your body to release endorphins, which is characterized by a feeling of euphoria.

Cultivate Healthy Relationships

Your relationships can be a great cause of happiness. They can also cause you untold suffering. Surrounding yourself with supporting, nurturing, and genuine friends, relatives, workmates, and romantic partners. This does lead to not only a healthier life but also a happier one.

Two of the most important decisions in your life that will impact your happiness will be your spouse and your choice of career. Make wise decisions on both accounts.

The Takeaway

One of the things you will notice about universal truths relating to happiness is that they are internal and personal. Most things entail an individual changing themselves and making decisions that lead to happiness. And indeed, looking for happiness outside thyself can be an exercise in futility.