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The secret behind the success of hair transplants in Turkey

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In recent years Turkey has claimed a title far from culture and geography, a title hundred of country have worked hard to earn. As the capital of hair transplants in the world, Turkey has focused its efforts to excel in the field. With cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art facilities, Turkey has attracted thousands of patients who flock to the country to restore their hair. Without further ado, let us dig into the topic to discover the secrets that helped place Turkey where it currently is.

1- State-of-the-art facilities

Turkey is well known for its strict regulations on medical facilities. The Turkish government runs frequent spontaneous inspection on every and any medical facility encased within its grounds to make sure hospitals and clinics are operating above-board and meet international guidelines. Although hair transplantation, particularly FUE, is a minimally invasive procedure, hair transplants centers in Turkey such as Vera Clinic run the process in legitimate surgery rooms. The rooms are fully equipped and prepared to tackle any emergency, although with hair transplants specifically, the risk of something going wrong is very low.

Moreover, surgery rooms are sterilized according to medical guidelines. Which translates to a lower risk of infection. The extra care contributes to the success of hair transplant surgeries in Turkey

2- Tens of techniques to choose from

Innovation is not a foreign aspect to Turkey, and not exclusive to hair transplants. Turkey is persistently endeavoring to advance and maintain its spot as the leading country for hair transplants. As a result, numerous innovations are born to make the process all the more efficient. Take for example the latest technique known as Sapphire FUE; the method has spread like wildfire among hair transplant techniques in Turkey primarily due to its success and efficiency.

FUE differs from archaic treatments such as FUT in the extraction phase, where the method in FUE leaves minuscule scars on the donor region as opposed to the linear scar in FUT. Sapphire FUE puts focus on the recipient site to decrease the size of wounds on the recipient site. Moreover, it cuts the procedure time by a few hours, minimizing the exposure time of follicular units and hence contributing to Turkey’s success in hair transplants.

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE is a technique that utilizes blades made from the sapphire stone. Owing to the extraordinary properties of the stone, its flexibility and toughness, blades made from the stone have a sharper V-shaped end as opposed to U-shaped ends of steel blades. With a smaller surface area, sapphire knives can penetrate the scalp with minimal effort guaranteeing by such the safety of neighbor tissue and a shorter period of the incision making step. With more implantations per session and shorter exposure time for grafts, sapphire FUE increases the success rate of the process over traditional procedures.

3- Rivalry between clinics

Hair transplant clinics have popped up like mushrooms across the country to meet the increasing demand of thousands of patients flocking into the country every month. With the aim of each clinic is to eclipse the rest, the intensely competitive environment leads to a better patient experience for patients. On top of skillful, experienced surgeons and cutting-edge technologies, hair transplant centers in Turkey aim to provide a fulfilling experience for their patients.

Hair restoration centers provide services to ensure the patient’s stay away from home is as comfortable as possibly could be. Patients are greeted from the airport with a representative and a personal car that takes them directly to their pre-booked and paid room to rest. On the second day, the patient is escorted to the hospital for an in-person consultation during which the doctor will run tests to confirm the patient’s candidacy.  It is important to note that a personal interpreter facilitates the communication between patient and doctor to break the language barrier. Once the results are back and it is found that the patient is indeed a candidate surgery begins and can last up to 6 hours depending on the patient’s degree of hair loss.

Post-surgery, the patient is escorted back to the hotel with a personal driver. On the third day, the patient is again invited back to the hospital for a clinical washing session. During the washing session, nurses use anti-clot shampoos and serums to carefully rinse blood clots and scabs off the scalp without imposing damage to the sensitive transplanted grafts. With that ends the hair transplantation process and patients are free to either travel back home or spend a few days in beautiful Istanbul.

Seeing as hair transplant centers have considered and tackled every and any obstacle that could face patients, they have ensured a tranquil experience for the patient which is also a contributing factor to the success rate of the surgery in Turkey.

4- A straight-forward booking process

Another factor that goes into the equation is the simplicity of the application process. Patients do not have to travel miles and cross seas to merely discover whether they are an eligible candidate or not. All patients have to do is choose the right technique and clinics, then contact the clinic to book an online consultation session. During the virtual consultation, a medical specialist will ask patients to send recent pictures of their scalp from various angles. Later, the medical specialist will assess the images and determine whether the donor regions can cover the bald areas or not. Also, the patient will be asked about their medical history and are expected to answer with transparency. If the patient makes for a good candidate for hair transplantation, along with the medical specialist, they will book an appointment for the surgery.

In conclusion

The success of hair transplant surgeries, or any procedure for the matter, relies on two factors: exogenous and endogenous factors. By exogenous, we mean the quality of medical care, surgical equipment, technique, and the skill of the doctor.

In Turkey, in hospitals like Vera Clinic, the surgery is operated in proper surgical rooms equipped with the necessary in case of an emergency. Decreasing the chance of any risks and increasing the success rate of the surgery. In addition to surgeons of 14+ experience, techniques such as Sapphire FUE are available, given the nature of the procedure, the method increases the success rate of the surgery. For one, Sapphire FUE decreases the risk of damaging neighbor tissue. Moreover, it speeds the process of incisions making as the sharper end of sapphire blades require less force and time to penetrate the scalp. In other words, the procedure is cut by an hour which translates to shorter exposure time for the delicate grafts.

Endogenous factors refer to the psychological aspect of the process. The mental state of the patient can reflect on the results. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey could not make the process any easier. With a personal driver, a pre-booked hotel room, an interpreter at a cost-efficient price, the patient is guaranteed to have a smooth surgery.

All the factors combined earned Turkey the title of the world’s hair transplant capital.

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