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The Strongest Girls Have A Loved One In Heaven


There is pain you feel when you break up a relationship or be betrayed. But there is a different heartache you feel only after you lose someone dear to death. The strongest girls have felt this type of pain and know how it feels like to lose someone and to manage to live without them afterwards.

This fierce girl knows how it feels like to feel helpless and alone, without having a back up plan or a way to forget about the sorrow.

This girl is fierce for a reason. She has had someone in her life who had made her smile and laugh – a person who should have lived a long and happy life, not be taken from her forever.

If only she could have some more time to spend with them to tell them everything she feels, maybe she would have felt better. But she wasn’t even warned. She learned that it’s important to live every day as if it’s your last the hard way. Because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. But, you can never be enough prepared for this.

This girl wasn’t prepared when she found out. But she had to be strong – for her, for the others, for them. She didn’t know why it happened and she still doesn’t. But she wasn’t given a choice.

At moments, she thought she lost her strength and was about to give up. But she didn’t. She managed to pull through and she survived. And still lives. She lives for her and for someone who is gone. Death has made her fight for life.

Encountering death has made an impact on her life. The grief, the sorrow, the funeral, the place, the people and the way they looked at her have left a deep mark. A mark that nobody could mend or heel.

She wished she was the one who was gone many times. But she wasn’t and she had to move forward, no matter how impossible it seemed. Today she smiles and enjoys life, but only she knows how hard it was for her to get back on track.

She still has the same questions: Why her? Why them? She still cries and a part of her will always mourn, especially when she looks at that date on the calendar or whenever she passes by that place they always visited together.

But the crying won’t stop her from enjoying life. It only gives her strength to continue forward and be ready for any challenge the future might bring.

Nothing compares to the challenge she has already faced. She can take anything because she knows what real heartache feels like.

This girl is fierce, but hasn’t lost her hearth to death. She still loves and wants to be loved.

This girl is fierce because there is still someone who needs her. She is the crying shoulder for her friends and she is keeping the back of her loved ones.

This girls is fierce because she survived losing the person who represented everything for her. She has survived times when life made no sense for her and managed to find her purpose afterwards.

She can stand up to anything in front of her. Anything.