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The Top IT Career that Job Aspirants Can Prepare for in 2019


We can see that a lot of new things are happening around us, which are going to influence our daily lives soon. You’ve started hearing a lot o about the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc. and many technology jobs too are popping up nowadays. When it comes information technology, we can expect a lot of things to happen in 2019 and many new as well as enhanced IT careers in the coming years.

The industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and the most in-demand job roles will shift by the year 2020 by including positions which are more focused on future technology and business integration. When it comes to IT, the demand for skilled technology professionals is growing a pace unmatched to the other industries.

By looking at reputable online job portals, you’ll discover that many of the current job roles like full-stack developers will experience heavy growth in the coming years along with the rise of some new positions. However, one important shift to be expected in terms of IT careers is the need for mixing business skills too along with technology skills for better business administration. Any technical skillset may remain valuable only if it complements positively to business. Further, we will discuss a few top-rated IT careers for the forth this year and next for the IT job aspirants to find the best IT career fields.

  1. Computer Vision Engineers

We heard about this position from 2013 onwards but had witnessed a significant increase in demand for it over the last couple of years. This profession is all about building and enhancing the envision technology environments through analytics and machine learning techniques to classify, detect, and track the objects.

AR and VR investments may rise to $215 billion by the year 2021. Along with the much-celebrated driverless cards, you will see these technologies; in combination with IoT, is coming down to change the behavior or our daily life equipment and touch the lives of millions.

  1. Machine Learning Specialist

Machine learning is an advanced level of programming. They develop artificial intelligence machines which can do self-learning and apply that knowledge to automate skilled task execution. Machine learning professionals should have the capacity to develop sophisticated programs and work with huge and complex datasets to train the systems.

Every company may turn out to be an AI company in the future, and when this happens, machine learning will become an area of top investment in the field of IT. In the coming years, there could be a high demand for machine learning engineers.

  1. Network Analyst

Businesses are now investing more in their IT networks, and this becomes more critical when IoT will enter the workplace in the future. Apart from computers and allied electronic equipment, more or less anything will be connected to the network to ensure optimum performance. As this is going to happen, there could be a large demand for specialized network analysts, who act as the backbone of any networked infrastructure.

Network analysts may combine their technical knowledge and business skills to devise and apply real-time network traffic to optimize productivity. The need will be for professionals who can have an insightful approach to networking along with things like AI, machine learning, IoT, sensors, which all comes as a part of their job.

Apart from these, you can expect the other existing jobs too in the limelight like security analyst, cloud engineer, app developers, business intelligence specialist, DevOps engineers, database administrators, etc.