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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing and Wearing Contacts on Your Big Day


If you plan on wearing contacts on your wedding day, listen up!

As your wedding day quickly approaches, there are probably dozens of different things on your mind. However, one thing you may have left off your wedding planning checklist, or simply overlooked altogether, is the fact of contact lenses.

If you are someone who regularly wears contacts, there are a few things to consider ahead of your big day. Here we review the top things to remember, so you don’t have to!

Get an Up-to-Date Eye Exam

First thing’s first, you’ll want to get an up-to-date eye exam before choosing your contacts. Especially if it’s been a while since your last one, there is a chance that the type of correction you need may have changed, even slightly. After your eye care professional has fully examined your vision, you’ll be given an updated prescription that you can buy your preferred pair of new lenses with.

However, if you choose to buy virtually you won’t even need to show this document. You can head to your computer or mobile to order contacts online without prescription and save yourself the time of traveling to your local optician. After all, wedding planning is all about efficiency.

Think About Colored Lenses

Are you looking to make a statement as you walk down the aisle? Perhaps you’d like to match your eye color to your eye makeup or simply desire a fun change-up from the norm.

This could be the perfect opportunity to embrace colored lenses, which come in a variety of shades such as hazel, violet, grey, opaque, and many more. If you’re not one for bright colors, you could choose colored contacts that just enhance your natural eye color, rather than altering it completely.

 Inform Your Makeup Artist 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to put your contacts in before your makeup artist begins their work. Avoid a sticky situation by telling your makeup artist that you plan to wear contacts, since this may also alter the way in which they apply certain eyeshadows, mascaras, and other products. For example, contacts and inner eyeliner application don’t mix well as this carries with it the possibility of infection.

Additionally, ensure that your makeup artist’s hands are clean for this same reason. Lastly, even though you’ll need to put your contacts in before makeup application begins, try not to put them in too early as the day is bound to be very long.

Make up

It’s important that your makeup artist knows if you are going to wear contacts before applying anything to your face

 Bring Your Glasses Along Too

Speaking of it being a long day, it’s never a bad idea to bring along your glasses as you might want to remove your contacts after the party has ended. Not to mention you’ll want your glasses nearby as you turn down for bed after washing off all that face makeup.

If you’re already planning on wearing a purse, slip the glasses into your bag for easy access. Alternatively, stash them in your overnight bag for the hotel for later use.

Have a Trial Run

Anyone who has ever been married knows all about the famous ‘trial run’. This can go for makeup or hairdo stylings, but in our case, it refers to the application of contact lenses! This is the time where you’ll practice putting in your contacts just like you would on your wedding day, but days or weeks beforehand instead.

The purpose of a trial run is to ensure everything goes smoothly, helping to eliminate any last-minute disasters that could impede your big day. Once you know the contact product and brand you will be using, take a pair and do a simple trial, with and without makeup.