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The way dancing transform our life and strengthen your self-confidence


A so lively way to get in the flow and strengthen your self-confidence is dancing. The reality is vibration, frequency and rhythm. The universe dances its cosmic dance. Dance provides a way to tune into the rhythm of the world. The dance of the universe is colorful. Everything is dancing!

Here’s a beautiful “Anybody is a dancer” video by YouTube for you. “Why I dance.”

Body experience and body happiness

Our bodily experience significantly determines our quality of life in the world. With much mindfulness and love in front of our body and our inner wisdom, we can reopen our “body happiness.”

Dancing is an easy way to find your own center, feeling better, centering yourself to be well defined, and to connect well. Inner strength and deep closeness are the gifts on the path of bodily wisdom in meditation, movement & dance.

Strengthen your self-confidence – let body, mind and soul dance

In dancing, you will find liveliness, (body) awareness, self-confidence and heart-conduct. Body, mind and soul can free themselves from tension and stress. In the foreground of my dance work is a loving body reference.

The healing powers in dance provide immediate access to the emotions. Movement makes it easier to free blocked feelings, unravels mental knots, and opens up healing spaces.

For me, dance is a healing and transforming art that can bring us closer to the divine. “Everybody is an artist,” one of the short dance quotes from Joseph Beuys. Everyone can dance. Dance in the flow of life energy is to free oneself from fixed notions of the ICH and to open oneself to a flowing, creative, and receptive new SELF.

Dancing is mysticism in everyday life

Dancing is the experience of living mysticism (Rumi). When we express our painful feelings in dance, we redeem them and let them go. We gain self-confidence and self-confidence. To let your energy flow – that is an experience of living mysticism. Mysticism can be found everywhere also in everyday life, “Mysticism is attached to the leash of every day”. (Lorenz Marti)

Healthy self-confidence

Only since I dance, I live! My own dance training (HEALING FORCES IN DANCE®) has opened new worlds for me. In the dance, I consciously choose to indulge in the flow of life – the flow – and everything that happens to me as an opportunity to learn.

I learn to look at events in life as events. Life takes place. I do not practice my challenges right under the heading: “My personal problem”! I practice! And practice.

Dancing is mindfulness

We live in a society of concerned people, what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow. We find it hard to disconnect and enjoy the present moment. The dance demands to concentrate on the music, on the steps, on the exercises and there is no place for intrusive thoughts while dancing. 

This is an excellent exercise for the mind that helps to have better control over the emotions of the day to day. And this can be applied to redirect self-esteem and discard those ideas that put it in danger.

Improves social skills

Self-esteem is closely linked to social relationships because of the intrinsic nature of the human being. And one of the most social activities that exist is the dance. Attending dance classes is the best way to meet people and maintain a rewarding social life. Ballroom dances require direct contact with other people, so it is an activity that significantly nurtures self-esteem. Remember, you do not need a partner to enjoy ballroom dancing.

As you can see, dancing to improve self-esteem is not only possible; it is also as easy as approaching a dance school and signing up without thinking twice. In a few weeks, you will notice the change.


There is a wide range of different styles and dances, and all of them imply significant benefits for human beings of any age. Both for emotional well-being, and for physical health, and improving self-esteem is one of the most remarkable benefits.

And is that those who take the step to learn to dance are fighting a fear very settled in almost all of us: to make a fool of. Once this is overcome, the freedom to express the self is acquired without fear and with much more security.

Certainly, not all types of dance are for any person, if what we want is to dance to improve self-esteem. Depending on the personality and the type of body, freer, or more disciplined style will be chosen.   Thus, we will benefit from its therapeutic effects. Dance is a discipline that integrates into itself several aspects of the human being essential for self-esteem and mental well-being.