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The Woman That Has A Kind Heart And A Sarcastic Mind Is Every Man’s Dream

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Women with kind, soft hearts are honest, empathetic, compassionate, caring, and loving. Women with sarcastic minds are witty, direct, and sassy. But, what about the woman that is a combination of the two? Well, undoubtedly, she is unique.

This woman has the softest and kindest heart hidden behind her sassy attitude and sarcastic comments. She is brave but compassionate. She is confident but sensitive. You may think that this type of woman is hard to understand and deal with, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you ever have the privilege of dating a kind-hearted woman with a sarcastic mind, get ready to be loved honestly and deeply and to enjoy every single moment of your life since this woman is able to make even the simplest and most trivial things beyond interesting.

If you are still not sure why this type of woman is every man’s dream, the following 7 reasons will help you find the answer:

1. She looks tough, but she is actually pretty sensitive.

On the outside, she’s a real badass woman. She appears strong and considering her witty, sarcastic comebacks and comments, she’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind. Yet, underneath that tough exterior, she has a big, soft heart. Her emotions are pure, profound, and powerful, and compared to other women, she feels things on a deeper level.

Oh, and I almost forgot, when this woman loves, she loves unconditionally and fiercely.

2. She has a sharp mind.

This woman is quick on the uptake. She is smart and resourceful, and she can adapt to any situation. Whatever she’s doing, she knows how to make it interesting and fun.

This woman doesn’t beat about the bush. Instead, she always tells things as they are and she’ll always tell you the truth even if it’s harsh and you don’t want to hear it.  And when she makes sarcastic comments, she doesn’t intend to be rude or harsh – that’s just how her intelligence works and she simply can’t help it.

3. She withstands pressure.

In addition to making witty comments, her sharp mind enables her to resist and deal with tough situations more easily. When she has an argument with someone or when she’s faced with situations that make her feel upset, angry, or disappointed, she doesn’t allow her strong feelings to affect her actions. Instead, she tries to stay calm and collected so as to resist the pressure and handle the situation properly.

And in situations in which she simply can’t hide her emotions, she’ll show you how she feels. In fact, she might even shed a tear or two. But, very soon, she’ll put herself together and be ready to deal with the situation at hand effectively.

4. She has a good sense of humor.

Whether she makes witty puns or tells good, funny jokes, this woman’s sense of humor is a part of her natural charm. She also often tells crude jokes and makes sarcastic comments, but she doesn’t mean to offend or hurt anyone. That’s just the way how she thinks.

So, if you’re lucky to date this kind of woman, you better have a good sense of humor as well,  otherwise, you’re likely to find her jokes mean and threatening.

5. She shows her affection in weird ways.

To this woman, love is not all about saying “I love you” or going out on romantic dates. Hell, no! Instead, she can throw you a surprise party out of the blue or tell you “Hey sweet a*hole, I love you so much.” But, that’s what you get when you’re loved by a woman with a big heart and a sarcastic mind.

6. She doesn’t fear good comebacks.

If you make a sarcastic remark or tell a joke at her own expense, she won’t get offended. She has a sharp, remarkable wit, and this enables her to tolerate other people’s sarcastic comments.

Yet, what she’ll never tolerate is if you say mean things that offend her. She knows there’s a huge difference between witty comments and ones that are sardonic, hostile, and snarky.

7. She may appear indifferent, but she actually loves hard.

Don’t let her façade fool you. She may seem indifferent and even insensitive to you, but underneath that façade, there’s a big, soft heart beating wildly for you. The thing is, this woman hates to be vulnerable and to protect herself, she hides her emotions like they’re her secret treasure.

Yet, although she is not very open about her feelings, she  still lets you know she truly loves you through her actions. She’s kind, compassionate, and loving. She takes care of your needs and she’s always willing to lend you a listening ear and offer you her help and support when you need them.

The Woman That Has A Kind Heart And A Sarcastic Mind Is Every Man’s Dream