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There Is A Reason Why Fate Make Us Fall For Certain People And Then Takes Them Away From Us


Some say that there is no explanation why some people make you feel a certain way and some people don’t. Some cannot find the words to explain why they immediately feel attracted to a person they’ve never met or why they instantly click with people whom they’ve never even talk to.

I refuse to believe that life is so random. It just doesn’t feel that way. I believe that all of these strange encounters and weird experiences in life happen for a reason. I genuinely think that everything that happens to us, no matter how good, bad or terrible, happens for a certain reason.

Each and every person that steps into our lives and becomes a part of our world has a certain mission that needs to be accomplished. Even the ones whom we love but we have to let go forever. Even the ones who we think we couldn’t live without. All of these people leave a mark on us and are there for a reason. Regardless of the fact that their time spent with us may be short.

The problem is, sometimes we think that these short-term relationships are meant to last a lifetime. And so, we give our best efforts to turn these temporary people into our forever partners. But we fail desperately. Because their role is not to stay by our side forever. Their role is to teach us the lessons we must understand and leave us.

To help us accept certain things that we’ve struggled accepting and then when their job is done, to help us accept the fact that we have to let them go forever. No matter how much it hurts. What some of us don’t understand is that one of their biggest purpose for coming into our lives and then leaving for good is teaching us how to let go…

So, we get frustrated. We try to find the reason why the universe must take away something so beautiful from us. We question ourselves where we went wrong with our actions. We get mad at the whole world and blame ourselves for letting someone so special slip through our fingers.

But it is all for nothing. Because that was meant to happen. And we don’t have the power to change what’s been already predestined.

Fate has brought us closer to someone because at that moment we needed that special someone in our lives. We needed to be with them, learn from them and then… let them go.

So, don’t despair. Don’t waste your tears. Don’t give up on life.

When the day comes for you to meet the right person, when your forever person finally finds their way to you, you will know. You will feel it in your heart and a voice inside of you will tell you… That’s the one. That person is here to stay forever.