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There Isn’t Such Thing As Wrong Timing: You Just Weren’t Destined For Each Other


When a relationship fails, we always come up with reasons for the breakup. We always look for something which is beyond our control. We look for something that we can complain about and blame for the breakup.

And what’s the most common reason we come up with? Yes, you guessed it: The timing was wrong.

Indeed, saying, “We broke up because we met in the wrong time or wrong place” is like some kind of defense mechanism for most of us. But, the truth is that thinking that if you and your ex-partner had met in a different place or time, things would be different now, i.e. you’d still be together, is just a big lie.

Because when two people are meant to be together, the timing is never wrong. Yes, it’s simple as that.

There’s no such thing as bad timing. There’s no such thing as perfect timing either. Because timing is inconsistent. Timing is something you can’t control.

When you’re with the right person for you, neither you nor they worry about the timing. Instead, you make the timing right. You make your relationship a safe journey. You make the difficult times easier. You make yourselves ready to face and overcome any problem, difficulty, and temptation life sends your way.

Because when you’re with the right person for you, you’re willing to do everything to save what you have. You’re willing to walk through fire, climb the highest mountain, and fight monsters to keep the love between you always alive.

When you’re with the right person, timing means nothing to you.

Even when you hit a rough patch in your relationship, you don’t think that you two met in the wrong time. Instead, both of you try hard to solve your relationship problems successfully and move on. Both of you do your best to make right all the wrong things that threaten to separate you.

When you’re with the right person for you, you don’t give up on the two of you no matter how difficult your relationship is. Instead, you do everything in your power to make your relationship easier. You do your best to show everyone that they’re wrong when they try to convince you that the timing isn’t right.  Why?

Because you know that you were meant for each other. You know you were destined to be together. You feel this in your heart. You feel this in the depths of your being.