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There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than Being Crazy In A Sick Society


The word ‘normal’ gives me the shivers whenever I hear it. I chose not to be normal a long time ago. And if you ask why, the answer lies in the word itself: Who set the norm for being normal, and how come their perception of what things should be is more accurate than mine?

Our society has become a hive of mindless bodies and soulless shells that are literally born to die. They make sure they destroy themselves well enough so as to be happy when they finally go away. I don’t choose this fate for myself.

I don’t see why I should restrain myself from feeling happy and why I shouldn’t be open and sincere about the things that bring genuine and unconditional happiness to my life. I don’t see why I should go about with my day doing things I would never do simply because they are perceived as ‘normal.’

Who set that ludicrous norm?

Hey, did you know that what’s normal over there is not normal over here? Did you know that NORMAL doesn’t exist?

Then why follow such norm? Why allow yourself to become part of a wasted generation of what used to be people? Your ‘crazy’ is your freedom – the one that many are going to try to deny you from.

It’s simple: If you are free, then how will the dumbing educational system be able to teach you to conform? How will the greedy corporations teach you what’s good for you and how ‘imperfect’ you are? How will the elite be able to thrive off your wage-slaving back if you decided to simply become the person you were always meant to be?

The answer is simple: It has become normal for people to feel alienated from themselves, always craving for some kind of recognition by the herd and feeling accepted in the things they wouldn’t really do. We are a paradox – and we allow this. Well, I don’t because I’m crazy.

Many of the people I know try to ‘set me on the right path’ of being ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’. But you know what? I feel more accepted than ever knowing that I have fully accepted myself before anyone else could think they had some kind of choice in it. Freedom comes from within, and you have wings that only you can soar with or break in half.

Happiness doesn’t depend on the things the advertisements tell you to buy; love doesn’t depend on the idea that you should smear your beautiful face in tons of toxic makeup so that you’d look ‘perfect’; joy never required money.

We were taught to feel unhappy with ourselves, we were taught of how ‘stupid’ we are because someone decided to measure our endless possibilities with limited marks and numbers.

You are all that you can dream of becoming – the only obstacle is your effort to be ‘normal’ in a society that is everything but normal.

Don’t be afraid of the awkward looks by people who are afraid to be as free as they should be. Don’t be afraid of the obstacles you’ll face. It’s a fact that the greatest things in life require a lot of effort and involve big challenges. The only thing you need to be afraid of is losing yourself.

We are all born perfect and then we become ‘normal’ under the influence of the narrow-minded and arbitrary definitions set by society. Don’t be a part of this dysfunctional society – be a part of the new horizons and the freedom we were all born to experience.

You are not crazy; I’m not crazy; Nobody’s crazy. We all allow ourselves to become crazy the moment we step into the iron shoes that society has carefully crafted for us. Why endure such unnecessary gravity that pulls you toward the grey?

Be creative, be free, laugh as loud as you can, cry as much as you need to, celebrate the life you’ve been given and never let yourself down. Be daring enough to be crazy in a society that has become profoundly sick.

You should rule over your life, and nobody should have a say in it.

Be your perfect crazy self and love yourself!

You live this life once – don’t waste it.


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