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These Are The Things She Wants From You But Would Never Ask You To Do


You think she wants you to give her the moon and all the stars above you, but what she wants is simple. She wants to feel loved by you. It’s that simple.

She wants you to touch her when she least expects it. She wants to feel your fingers slowly running through her hair and then gently and passionately caressing her back in a way that makes her go out of her mind. She wants to know that you feel that same burning desire inside your heart while your skin rubs against hers. She wants you to see that flame inside of you. She wants you to show her that you are crazy for her and you would do everything to maintain that fire between the two of you.

She wants you to tell her just how much you love her every time you feel like it. She wants you to feel like you can share your feelings with her. She wants to see you making an effort to let her know that you cannot live without her. She wants you to say that she means the world to you at random, weird moments when that’s the least she expects you to do. She wants to be loved by you. And she wants to know that you care deeply. But she doesn’t want to tell you how to do it.

She wants to be surprised like she’s never been surprised before. But that doesn’t mean that she expects you to buy her 500 red roses and wait for her outside her front door with a bottle of the most expensive champagne. All she wants is a gesture. A cute, unique act of love that defines your connection. Something that will prove to her that she means something to you, that her love is the only thing that you need in your life. Like taking her to see her favorite movie, surprising her with a ‘just because’ handpicked flower or bringing her breakfast in bed.

She wants to see that you remembered to do something for her. She wants to be able to rely on you without wondering whether you will manage to help her. She wants to know that you already took care of something very important to her without being told to do that. She wants to know that you care enough to think about those kinds of stuff. She wants you to know how much these things mean to her. Because she wouldn’t feel comfortable asking you to do them. She just doesn’t want to come off as a control freak. It is not in her nature to force things to happen.

She just yearns for your attention. She craves for your love. She needs you.

These Are The Things She Wants From You But Would Never Ask You To Do