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Things to consider before getting T8 LED tube light


If you’re considering buying LED tubes, you need to make sure you’ve done enough research. The T8 LED tube light is available and in the market, especially for the T8 fluorescent lamp replacement. The T8 LED tubes tend to be the perfect replacement for other lamps. It is energy-saving and also lessens the power bill.

Also, it is essential to consider some things that can help you to pick the best choice. Lights are the primitive of your place because it illuminates your area. It works more efficiently and creates a better environment.

There are many types of LED tubes available for such lamp replacements:

  1. LED tubes based on retro-fit design

The installed LED tubes consist of some considerations due to the specific lamp restrictions of the lamp. Some latest models are compatible with magnetic ballasts. On the other side, most of the models install with the old fluorescent. Such old tubes are also available within the market.

  1. Conversion kit design-based installations

The lights are normally old, and their wirings are modified and renewed for the introduction of the LED tube. In the case of this, especially the qualified electrical contractor performed the installation. The targets of modification often include the luminaries that have electronic ballast.

LED TUBES are usually only available for a dedicated lightning fixture.

Such a package includes control electronics that are external to the LED tubes. The LED tubes don’t complement the LED TUBE standard. The retro-fit LED tubes are often installed in fixtures for the LED tubes. The fixture mostly acts as a frame and the holder to the tube, as well as the electricity supplied to the tubes, which uses the conductors within the fixtures as well. Such LED tubes can use compliant with the standard EN 62776.

LED tubes are compatible with electronic ballast.

Such LED tubes require a fixture that includes functioning electronic ballast as well. There is an easy upgrade due to this benefit of the LED tube as compared to the second installation method. However, it is primitive to consider that there might be a downside, as there is expensive maintenance. The electronic ballast might fail, and a much more qualified electrician can only replace it. (1)

Advantages of T8 LED tubes over the fluorescent tubes

If you look into the benefits a T8 LED tube might have over the fluorescent tubes, you would see that the LED tubes are covered extensively. The three most essential primary advantages include the fact that there is higher efficiency, a longer lifetime, and durability, along with no mercury. If you are looking for this kind of quality, Oillampman.com – Lamp Guides and Tips offers excellent tips on choosing the best interior lamps for your home.

The fluorescent tube sizes and the T8 LED tube light retrofitting

Such fluorescent fixtures tend to be mounted within the ceilings and are connected directly to the mains electricity tends to be comparatively more expensive and difficult to replace. Hence, it makes more sense to use the same fluorescent fixture in terms of economy, but the fluorescent should displace with an LED tube light instead.

Over many years, fluorescent tube manufacturers have developed a lot of types, varieties, and sizes like the following:

  • T8 4-ft: These four foot T8 fluorescent lamps are commonly used today, and they are four inches along with an inch lamp diameter.
  • The T12 lamps are a little less efficient and beneficial than the T8 lamps. The length is the same, but the diameter of the T12 lamps is larger i.e. of 1.5-inch lamp diameter.
  • The T8 lamps are available within the market in other lengths as well e.g. the ft tubes, along with 4 ft lengths.
  • The T8 and the T12 fixtures are the same in length and use the same pins, and they are cross-compatible as well. The T5 fixture isn’t compatible with T8 lamps due to the difference in pin and length size. (2)


In a nutshell, T8 LED tube lights to consider one of the best options for traditional fluorescent. It is much more convenient for commercial as well as residential lighting applications. Offices, conference rooms, schools, and restaurants are also included in it.