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12 Things You Know To Be True When Your Sibling Is 10 Years Younger


When you were 10, you thought it would always be only you in the family. You had friends who had siblings, but their age difference was really small, so you gave up on the idea that you would get a sibling. Until one day, your parents announced they were expecting a baby.

You were confused and didn’t know if your new brother or sister will cause problems for you. You didn’t know if they would like you. You expected the worst.

However, I turned out to be fun and awesome to have a sibling so much younger than you. You practiced diaper changing, babysitting, cleaning, cooking. But in return, you got the best friend you could ask for.

You got a companion, partner in crime, singing partner and, most importantly, support.

Here are 12 things that you know are true if you have a sibling 10 years younger than you:

  1. Growing up you turned into what your parents loved to call the “free babysitter.”

Babysitting may be a challenge for your friends, but not for you. Being 10 years older than your sibling made you, what your parents used to call, free babysitter. You didn’t babysit your sibling and other families started to call you to babysit for them, too.

  1. You’ve received awkward looks from people.

Many people have gave you “the look” on the street, thinking he or she is your child. There were moments when you had to explain that you were his/her sister.

  1. Your parents allow him/her much more than they allowed you.

You notice they get away with much more things than you as a child. Your parents didn’t let you do so many things!

  1. You find yourself acting like a parent.

Sometimes, you act like the mother. But it happens automatically, you don’t even notice you’re giving your sibling a speech about good behavior.

  1. At Christmas, you dedicate a whole day wrapping up presents and putting them under the tree for him/her.

You wake up really early to leave the presents under the tree so that it looks like Santa was there. You love seeing him/her happy.

  1. You still have fight duels.

Fighting with your sibling never gets boring. Sometimes, you let him/her win.

  1. He/she grows up before you even notice.

Before you realize your sibling is growing up, he/she already knows how to hack your phone and search Google. You see now that your parents were right when they told you that you grew up fast.

  1. He/she becomes your “mini me” and you’re glad about it.

You’re proud of your sibling, especially because he/she looks just like you when you were his/her age.

  1. You start to realize that your sibling is better than you at many things.


He/she excels at many things you were bad at, but that’s good. You are lucky to have such a talented sibling.

  1. He/she is your karaoke partner for singing in the car.

Actually, you sing together everywhere and all the time. You have a favorite guilty pleasure song that you like to sing when alone.

  1. He/she is your best friend.

You don’t admit it to him/her, but your sibling is your best friend. He/she know you the best and you can trust him/her about anything.

  1. He/she is even part of your group.

Sometimes, you wonder if your friends like your sibling more than you because he/she is friends with everyone in the group.