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This Math Problem Has Gone Viral And Caused Confusion. Can You Figure Out The Right Answer?


It’s a fact: Math is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it’s fun to see how many people engage themselves and put their efforts to solve math problems on the internet.

Many mathematical expressions seem to be simple at first sight and everyone thinks they can solve them with easiness.

However, eyes can often lie. Not everything that seems to be simple is that simple. Or… perhaps we are the ones who make it more complicated than it is.

Can you solve this?

6÷2(1+2) =?

Many people have made attempts to find the right solution to this mathematical expression. Of course, we are all taught how to do the math based on the order of operations. However, our different point of view has created a lot of confusion on the internet.

So, what’s your final answer?

Is it 0, 3, maybe 6?

Well, if you came up with these three numbers as the right solution, they aren’t the correct answer.

If 1 or 9 is your answer to this math problem, you belong to the majority…

Whose answer is…



But wait, why there are 2 solutions? Isn’t math supposed to have one and only answer? Have math rules changed over years?

Whether the correct answer is 1 or 9 depends on the order of the operations you are taught to do at school. If you’re taught to do it the old way, you will get 1 as an answer. If you use the modern interpretation of the order of operations, 9 will be the solution then.

Here you can find a full explanation:

Is it 1 or 9, maybe both of them, you decide.

Mathematicians, roll up your sleeves and stand up for your own opinion.