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This Goes To All Women Who Need To Know That He Just Isn’t Worth It


This goes to you – the woman who settles for being second best. The woman who cares about his feelings, needs, and desires more than she cares about her own. The woman who prioritizes his happiness over her own. The woman who puts her heart last on her list of priorities.

But, I am here to tell you that you’re worth more than just being someone’s second choice. You’re worth more than being someone’s option, a favorite pastime, or fun.

Trust me – he is not worth it.

He is not worth your sadness, your tears, and your anguish. He doesn’t deserve you.

He doesn’t deserve your kindness, your compassion, your affection. He doesn’t deserve your love.

Because what’s the point of loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate your love? What’s the point of giving your heart to someone who doesn’t bother to appreciate it? What’s the point of making a priority someone who only sees you as an option? What’s the point of devoting your time and energy to someone who doesn’t even deserve a second of your attention?

Therefore, trust me when I say – this man is not worth it.

Let go of him.

Stop thinking and hoping that he’ll change. Stop waiting for him to love you the way you love him. Stop waiting for him to treat you the way you deserve.

Because, you see, some people don’t want to change – they love themselves exactly the way they are.

Therefore, stop dreaming about the future you two are going to have. Stop making him a part of all your plans for your future.

Stop thinking that one day you’ll mean to him as much as he means to you now. Stop thinking that one day he’ll look at you the way you’re looking at him now – with eyes full of warmth and love.

Stop thinking that if you change the way you talk, smile, and move, he’ll start appreciating and loving you.

Stop justifying his bad behavior and making excuses for his lies, false promises, and lame excuses. Stop giving him chances – you’ve given him plenty of them. You’ve forgiven him time and time again.

Stop waiting for him to apologize to you because he never will. Because he’s one of those people who consider themselves flawless. They never think that they make mistakes or that they have something to apologize for.

Therefore, never expect to hear him say: “I’m sorry, honey, I know I hurt you.”

Girl, don’t wait for him to become the person you want him to be. Don’t wait for him to give you the attention and respect you deserve.

Don’t call him. Don’t text him.  

Don’t allow him to have power over your emotions and actions.

Don’t wait for him to love you.

Don’t let his cold heart kill the flame of strength that burns inside you. Don’t let his indifference make you lose your sense of self-worth. Don’t let him make you think that you don’t deserve to love and be loved.

Instead, let go of him. Spread your wings and go search for genuine love and happiness elsewhere.

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This Goes To All Women Who Need To Know That He Just Isn\'t Worth It