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This Goes To The Man Whose Partner Suffers From Anxiety: She Is Not Broken, She Needs Your Help


You might have seen her waking up in the middle of the night or turning around in bed for a whole night. You might have overheard her conversation with her friend that she is under a lot of stress. You might have noticed her that she easily gets angry and overwhelmed. You might have felt her rage. You might have caught her in the middle of a panic attack.

But you have never wondered why is she acting that way, haven’t you?

You’ve never thought about the possibility that she might actually be going through a very difficult time in her life. That she might actually be struggling with a mental illness. That she might need your help…

Because everything she is going through is just a part of life, isn’t it? Everything that she is experiencing is normal. There is nothing wrong with her. Sometimes she is even exaggerating.

Well, news flash. She not. She has anxiety and she is suffering.

And believe me, your love and support are the only things that she wants from you right now.

Anxiety is not the same for every person who is experiencing, so you need to be patient with her. She is embarrassed and afraid to tell you about her problem because she thinks that you would never believe her. So, she is doing her best to give you the hints that she is not feeling well.

You have to be there for her and let her know that she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to share her pain with you. You have to talk to her. Convince her to open her soul and feel free to let it all out. You have to hug her more. Let her know that you are there for her, no matter what. You have to encourage her to take it slower. You have to try and calm the thunderstorms in her mind. You have to try and hush her insecurities. You have to try and hug her fears. You have to remind her that she is stronger than her illness and that she is much more than her anxiety. You have to show her that life is beautiful and pretty extraordinary if one knows how to live.

Most of all, you have to believe her. No matter how strange or unbelievable her words sometimes are, you have to give your best and believe every word she says. Because she is hurting and only she knows how difficult it is to wake up and go to bed with this condition.

I know that this might be difficult for you. But just imagine how difficult this is for her.

She doesn’t get to choose whether she wants anxiety to be a part of her life or not. She doesn’t get to choose whether she wants to feel vulnerable and paranoid or not. She doesn’t get to choose whether she will have another panic attack, or she’ll keep moving on in life like nothing ever happened. Anxiety chooses that for her.

This woman has you by her side and she wants you to be there for her. She is vulnerable, scared and she needs you to take her hand and help her go through this pain. She is not broken, she is not flawed and she is not exaggerating. She wants your help. So, be that person for her. Be the support that she needs!