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This Goes To The Woman Who Has Been Too Strong For Too Long – You Are A Warrior


First, let me tell you that you are a warrior. You are one of a kind. Your strength, courage, and resilience are the reason why this world should be proud to have you.

And I know you are tired. I know you’re feeling like you’re breaking and falling apart. But you need to know that this is all fine. You’re tired because you’ve been strong and brave so many times. Because you’ve fought so many battles and won each and every one of them. 

Because you’ve had your heart broken so many times and you were left to pick up the broken pieces on your own. Because you’ve always been there for others.

You’ve been through the worst, but you never let your problems, misfortunes, pain, and fears break you. You are still going through a tough time, but you are still standing.


Because there’s strength within you. There’s strength and courage within you to confront and overcome any obstacle, problem, and pain life throws your way. There’s strength within you to handle any hardship.

I know you’re scared now too. You don’t want to face your problems alone. You need another person to be your rock. You need another person to give you the help and support you’ve been always giving others.

You need this not because you’re unable to walk through life alone but because it’s much easier when you have someone to accompany you along the way. It’s easier when you have someone who understands you and truly feels what you’re going through.

Another thing you need to know is that it’s okay to lose it every once in a while. It’s okay to cry and be vulnerable. It’s okay to be tired.

It’s okay to let yourself fall apart.

It’s okay to be fed up with being strong all the time.

It’s fine to give yourself time to be sad and angry. It’s fine to give yourself time to accept your pain and heal your wounds.

All this is not a sign of weakness. In fact, this is just proof that you’ve been too strong for too long.

A person who is always there for others when they need help, can’t be weak. Because that’s what you did. You had everyone’s back.

Whoever asked for your help, you unselfishly gave it to them. You are someone that others can always rely on. And people know this. They’ve seen your kindness, strength, resilience, and courage so many times.

Unlike many others, you are not looking for anyone to solve your problems. You are just looking for your own sword – the sword with which you’re going to fight your own battles.

You are looking for the tools with which you are going to deal with your own problems.

I know that all the battles you’ve already fought and the ones you’re still fighting exhaust you. People who expect you to be strong all the time and be always there for them tire you too.

You’re fed up with always giving people your time, energy, and love.

You’re tired of being tough all the time.

You’re tired of looking for men worthy of your love and respect. Because you can’t play games with immature, fickle, irresponsible boys.

You need a smart, responsible, and strong man that will be able to keep up with you in every aspect of life.

You need a man of high integrity who will always be true to his word.

You need a man who will treat you like you deserve – with kindness, compassion, respect, affection, and dignity. A man who will appreciate everything you do for him.

You need a man who will let you know that you don’t need to fight your battles on your own because he’ll always be by your side. A man who will stay by your side even when everyone else stops believing in you and gives up on you.

You need a man who will be willing to catch you when life knocks you down.

You need a man who will know that you’re strong enough to fall apart and strong enough to lift yourself up and move on.

You need a man who will be aware of your worth. A man who will be your sword and armor. A man who will know you are a warrior.