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This Goes To The Woman Who Loves Honestly And Deeply: Your Heart Is Special

woman loves too hard

This goes to you – the woman who loves honestly and deeply. The woman who loves selflessly, unconditionally, and wholeheartedly. The woman who loves too hard.

Are you wondering how I know this? Because I am like you. The sadness, disappointment, and pain you’ve experienced in life are all familiar to me. I know how you feel.

So, hear me out: Never listen to those that tell you that you love too hard. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re overly sensitive, needy, clingy, or boring. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re difficult to deal with. Don’t let anyone tell you: “You love too much. Never get too attached to people. Keep your emotions to yourself.” Yes, I know what it feels like to be told these things.

Don’t let anyone tell you these things since your love can never be too much. Your heart is as big as to absorb all the love in the world. Your heart is rare. It’s unique.  

I need you to know you’re not wrong. You’re not weird. It’s not you who is weak, but them. They want to love the way you do, but they’re afraid they’ll get hurt. They don’t know what pure and deep love feels like because no one has ever shown them love like yours. They aren’t as strong as you are.

You’re too kind and compassionate. You give your heart, mind, and body to the person you love. You completely invest yourself in your relationships.

When one loves as you do, it means they shouldn’t be judged for the way they express their love. They should never worry whether their love is “too much.”

Selfishness is a concept you know nothing of. When you are tired, worried, or sad, you don’t focus on your feelings and needs but you take care of those of other people. When you’re having bad days or going through tough times, you worry others will think that you’re oversensitive and self – absorbed. They don’t care about how you feel.

You have taught people that you come second because you always put them first.

For people like us, falling in love comes naturally. W e don’t see it as something to be won over or to play with someone’s feelings. We know how we want to be treated, looked at, spoken to, touched. We believe that if we love people unconditionally, they’ll love us in the same way. Yet, that almost never happens.

But, you know what? Maybe some people don’t deserve to be loved that way. Some just aren’t worth fighting for.

You never leave others when they need your advice, help, or support. You treat them with respect and dignity although they don’t deserve your kindness. You put in a lot of effort to make others happy although you know deep down they won’t give you anything in return.

Oftentimes, you think the whole world is against you. You feel like nothing you do is ever good enough. Whatever you say or dopeople are never satisfied with you. But, never blame yourself when others fail to understand you or leave you. Don’t let their cruel behavior determine your value and happiness.

Do you often wonder why people can’t understand you? Well, if you do, you better stop now because you’ll never find the answer. They aren’t like you. Their soul is unlike yours. They don’t see people the way you do. Your heart is different from theirs – it’s rear.

They don’t know anything about the burden you carry on your shoulders. They don’t know that your heart has been broken many times and you were left to pick up the pieces by yourself.

Trust me, you’re special. Let others think and say whatever they want about you because you’re much more than that.

Don’t let others make you question yourself. Don’t let them shatter your confidence and hopes. You’re strong, smart, and capable. There’s a lot of strength and courage inside of you, you just need to find it.

I need you to know that you deserve to be surrounded by people who will treat you with love, kindness, and compassion – the way you treat others. Don’t you ever doubt that you deserve that.

Accept yourself just the way you are. Don’t change your attitude towards people. Don’t let your love scare you. Don’t hide your heart because it’s a blessing, not a curse. Yet, learn to be careful who you give it to and protect yourself.

Give your heart to the one who will know its worth and who will love you too hard – like the way you do. Give it to the man who will appreciate you and who will be grateful for having such an amazing person in his life – YOU.


Someone reminding you to love yourself as much as you love others.

This Goes To The Woman Who Loves Honestly And Deeply: Your Heart Is Special