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This is How You Can Unlock Your Telepathic Abilities


Do you believe in telepathy? Telepathy is a form of communication that surpasses the common sensory perception we are all used to. It requires no language or non-verbal communication and is not conditioned by space and distance.

In simple cases, telepathy may have occurred to you more than once. Have you ever thought of someone and that person instantly called you on the phone, or messaged you? At that moment, or just a few moments before that, you communicated on a telepathic level.

However, telepathy is an ability that can be developed even further and it can help you to communicate with all living things in a very interesting way. You can establish telepathic communication with animals, plants, crystals and other etheric sources.

Telepathy doesn’t necessarily involve words or images in the literal sense. In fact, it’s much subtler, especially in the first stages of its development.

This kind of communication possesses a complexity that cannot be explained by words, but rather felt in such way as to understand but not being able to articulate the thoughts and feelings that emerge in the way.

In the essence, these telepathic messages can be translated, but they come in such a natural form, that all communication is basically based on these perceptions. This is why telepathy is considered as a universal means of communication, which is the basis of all communication.

The highest level of communication achieved through telepathy is called Empathic Telepathy. It listens to the entire being and allows you to access a boundless amount of information, wisdom and cognition in a nanosecond.

Unlike the communication we are generally used to, which requires and is limited by the time-space continuum, Empathic Telepathy can communicate all the rich information, which is beyond any language, regardless of space and time.

This ability has been coded in our genes and we are all capable of unlocking it and enhancing it. In fact, the very fact that you are sometimes able to sense a person thinking of you means that you have already unlocked it naturally.

So, how to enhance this ability? Who can be our teacher?

Nature is the best teacher. Sit by a tree and relax. However, you need to do some things before you start receiving the boundless wisdom and information from nature.

Before being able to enhance such power, you need to start eliminating the limitations that are currently blocking you from experiencing yourself fully.

In fact, in order to become an Empathic Telepath, you first need to get to understand your innermost thoughts and understand the language of the silence that lies deep within you. This sounds too philosophical, but the hands-on approach is rather simple:

Talking to yourself and understanding the complexity of your thoughts can be something very difficult to face, but the challenge is worth it. Spend time in nature and focus on the silence within.

Instead of obsessing your mind with the trivial and unnecessary thoughts of your everyday concerns, start accepting them as a reality you will get to later and focus more deeply on your innermost silence and peace.

Once you focus on your innermost silence, you will see that this silence has soft whispers with such heavy weight in wisdom and information that are beyond the common comprehension. Don’t try to understand everything by interpreting it.

The best thing to do is to send out this silence to your best telepathic teachers: the trees and plants around you. You will see that you are not much different than them when it comes to the essential silence that springs out of your consciousness.

Open your mind to the vastness of the natural beauty and start listening. Note that listening has nothing to do with hearing. Listen with your mind and with your heart instead of your ears. This way you will start connecting with nature.

This technique takes practice and patience, but in the end the result is magnificent. You will get to understand nature in a way that cannot be described. You will sense the life teeming in the smallest and largest of life forms and you will understand that which words are unable to describe.

And I am not writing this as a theory, but from experience. Connecting with nature will open up a new gateway of understanding. It will help you connect with the thoughts and information bursting out of everything alive around you.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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