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This Is How You Love Purely, Unconditionally And Free Of Any Attachment


True love is free-flowing, pure, wild, untamed, unconditional and limitless. It doesn’t have any shape. It cannot be broken. And it exists independently on its own. It is not based on attachment. It is based on mutual understanding, compromise and trust.

The only thing that destroys it and eventually kills it, is attachment. Yup, you read it right. Attachment is the death of true, unconditional love.

Attachment is the nasty villain that comes in and sweeps everything away. And you know that. Deep down, all of you know it. The thing is, you are just too afraid to admit it.

You see, most of you may say that you unconditionally love someone, but if you are someone who behaves co-dependently and cannot spend a day without your partner beside you (or in other words, you cannot live your life without them),  I have news for you. That is not unconditional love. In fact, that is the opposite of unconditional love. It is called codependency.

Codependency is easily mistaken for real, unconditional love. Those fiery, can’t-live-without-each-other feelings are often misinterpreted and most of the people often think that they’ve found real love. When in reality, they’ve actually put themselves into a dangerous cage.

Well, let’s make things clearer, shall we?

This is how you love purely, unconditionally and free of any kind of attachment:

1. You love without boundary. When you truly love someone, your love should know no boundary. If you say that you are truly in love with someone, you should be able to love them passionately and from the bottom of your heart. Without any fear that your heart might get broken again.

Having said that, attachment is what makes us absolutely addicted to a person. It is what makes us fear for our life without them. As a result of being attached, we forget about ourselves. We forget that real love has no end and it exists freely on its own.

2. You have a huge sense of happiness and freedom. More importantly, you feel like you can be yourself. When you truly love another human being, everything feels just right. There is no pressure, no fear of being rejected and no doubts. This is a sign that you love someone unconditionally and free of attachment.

3. You fully accept your partner as they are. This goes without a saying. The definition of unconditional love is acceptance of imperfection. Loving someone purely and without attachment means loving them for who they truly are. A flawed, peculiar, imperfect human being who’ve done many mistakes in life. This kind of love liberates, whereas love based on attachment entraps.

It is truly important for you to be able to make a difference between these two. Because if you are being controlled and criticized by your partner, you shouldn’t convince yourself that they love you. You should know that this person cannot love you the right way.

Unconditional love doesn’t allow you to go down the road to attachment. It simply teaches you to love without boundaries.