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This Is The Kind of Love You Deserve To Experience In Your Life


You deserve a person who does everything to be by your side. Someone whose eyes shine, smile glisten, and heart pound hard when they see you. Not someone who is afraid to open their heart and show you what exactly they feel.

You deserve a person who sends you a message in the morning or wakes you up with the sweetest breakfast that you’ve ever tried. Someone who cares for you so much that your happiness is the most important thing in their life. Not someone who doesn’t care about making an effort.

You deserve someone who thinks of you and wants to know more about you. Someone who wants to be a big part of your life. Someone who calls you a few times a day only because they miss you and they want to hear your voice. Not someone who doesn’t bother to check how you’ve been.

You deserve someone who wants to spend their Friday nights alongside you. Someone who cannot wait to wake up next to you and caress your face in the morning. Someone who could watch you sleep and feel the happiest. Someone who wants to spend a lifetime loving you. Not a person who is always busy doing something else.

You deserve someone who loves making plans with you. Someone who enjoys having adventures with you. Someone who would go to the end of the world with you by their side. Not a person who would find it hard to put you in their schedule.

You deserve someone who listens to a song on the radio and turns the volume up because they know it’s your favorite. Someone who cares about those little things that make you happy. Someone wants to know every little thing that moves your heart. Not a person who is not interested to get to know you.

You deserve someone who will gladly spend their morning, afternoons and nights next to you, watching your favorite movies while eating a pizza in bed. Someone who wouldn’t be able to keep their hand to themselves. Someone who would make love to both your body and your soul. Not someone who would call you only when they want to have some ‘fun’.

You deserve someone who stays up all night holding you in their hands because you need someone to remind you that ‘it was just a nightmare’. Someone who pays attention to every word that you say. Someone who wipes your tears and hugs your insecurities. Someone who makes the pain go away. Not someone who vanishes in thin air the minute you open up to them.

You deserve someone who proudly introduces you to their friends and family. Someone who wants the whole world to know how happy they are to be with you. Someone who imagines a future with you. Someone who cannot wait to spend their entire life loving you. Not a person who only sees you as an option.

You deserve love, my dear. Raw, intense, passionate, wild, unconditional, pure LOVE.

Nothing less than the real deal.  You deserve to dive deep inside a love that will fill your soul with joy and tranquility, but at the same time will have your fire burning brighter than ever. You deserve to find someone who will make you feel all of this and more.

Don’t ever give up on that dream.

This Is The Kind of Love You Deserve To Experience In Your Life